In future : Vacuum cleaners without energy seal on the market


Energy label vacuum cleaner crossed out
The energy labels on vacuum cleaners are no longer mandatory

Until recently, manufacturers of vacuum cleaners were obliged to label their products with an energy label. This is over for the time being!

The manufacturer "Dyson" filed complaints against the corresponding EU regulation, whereupon it was declared null and void by the judges in Luxembourg.

Regulation is misleading

The British company, which sells bagless vacuum cleaners, based its claim on the fact that the current regulation is misleading.

According to the ruling of the EU court, the energy efficiency of vacuum cleaners may no longer be tested with empty dust bags, as was previously the case.

The energy consumption of some vacuum cleaners increases the fuller the bag becomes. However, the current regulation does not provide for tests with full bags. Thus, the judges came to the conclusion that tests with empty bags would not come close to real conditions.

Following the decision, the EU Commission had two months to lodge an appeal against the decision but decided against it due to insufficient legal basis.

It is now up to the EU Commission to reopen the procedure. However, it may take several months, as the energy efficiency requirements of other household appliances are currently being reviewed.

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