Black Friday - How to get the most out of your day!


This Friday is it again so far and the shops invite again to the bargain hunt. The Cyber-Monday week on Amazon has already begun and we fall into the pre-Christmas shopping frenzy. Do you already have a plan which products you want to chase, or do you let yourself be sprinkled by the offers and then decide spontaneously what finds its way into your shopping cart? We have some tips on how to make your hunt a real success!

1. Christmas Gifts Shopping

Are you planning on using the offers to do some Christmas shopping? That's what Black Friday is for! So think about what you want to give to your loved ones. On Friday you can go out and save a lot of money. In addition, with a plan you can avoid the shopping stress just before Christmas Eve and unwanted, expensive mispurchases.

2. Preparation is everything!

Shopping on Black Friday needs to be well planned! In order to avoid mispurchases, you should prepare for the shopping day with the following questions: Which products do I really need? Do I switch to an alternative product if the one I want is not on offer? What is my maximum budget? It's best to create a shopping list so that you don't forget anything.

3. Compare the prices

By comparing prices, you can expose what you think are bargains. Search engines help you to get an overview of what a product usually costs.

4. Set up price alarm

It becomes even easier with a price alarm on a comparison page. As soon as the set desired price for an article is reached, one is informed immediately by email. In order to recognize an actual bargain in any case, it is advisable to set up a price alarm for the desired products - this is quite simply possible on many price comparison platforms. As soon as the set desired price for an article is reached, one is informed immediately by E-Mail.

5. Consider offer start

It's called Black Friday, but some offers start on November 22, 2018 at 7 pm.
So it can happen that a product is sold out prematurely. Start your search in time.

6. Be fast

You've discovered a super deal concerning your desired product? Then strike quickly, the offer is often limited in time or quantity.

7. Last but not least - test reports

Did you find your dream product? Then check our page to see if we found the product to be good. It would be quite annoying if you could get a bargain that is no good at all, wouldn't it? We test the products for you independently and under real circumstances. On our site you will find detailed reviews and honest reviews from our product testers.