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Alarm system set

Our test winner is the Complete Alarm System M2B SET-4 by Multi Kon Trade: In addition to an emergency power supply, the device has other helpful functions and is the loudest system in the test. Our favourite with the test grade 9.4/10!

We have tested 6 sets of alarm systems, paying particular attention to reliability, functionality and handling.

With an alarm system set, you can protect your own four walls or even commercial areas from unauthorized intruders. The devices not only emit a shrill alarm tone but also contact you directly by SMS or in the appropriate app.

We test independently. uses affiliate links. For a purchase via a link marked with a or our price comparison, we may receive a small commission.

last modified: 10.06.2020, 11:04
Winner Best price winner
Our winner: Multi Kon Trade Alarm Complete System M2B SET-4 DENVER Smart WIFI / GSM Alarm System  Review Bosch Smart Home Security Starter Set Review Lupus Electronics 12112 XT1 Plus Starter Pack Review Homematic IP Smart Home Starter Set Alarm Review Gigaset Elements Smart Home Alarm System S Review

Multi Kon Trade Alarm Complete System M2B SET-4

DENVER Smart WIFI / GSM Alarm System

Bosch Smart Home Security Starter Set

Lupus Electronics 12112 XT1 Plus Starter Pack

Homematic IP Smart Home Starter Set Alarm

Gigaset Elements Smart Home Alarm System S

Test seal: Multi Kon Trade Alarm Complete System M2B SET-4, Rating 1.45
Test seal: DENVER Smart WIFI / GSM Alarm System , Rating 1.75
Test seal: Bosch Smart Home Security Starter Set, Rating 1.75
Test seal: Lupus Electronics 12112 XT1 Plus Starter Pack, Rating 1.85
Test seal: Homematic IP Smart Home Starter Set Alarm, Rating 2.05
Test seal: Gigaset Elements Smart Home Alarm System S, Rating 2.45
  • Emergency power supply
  • LCD display
  • Notification via call or SMS
  • Remote control
  • Emergency power supply
  • Can be operated via an app
  • Expandable with other Denver Smart Home devices
  • Installation
  • Operation
  • Installation
  • Expandable with many other Bosch Smart Home devices
  • Individual devices have sabotage protection
  • Sabotage protection
  • Emergency power supply
  • Easy to install
  • Integration of an IP camera possible
  • Expandable with many other Homematic IP products
  • Sabotage protection
  • Control via App
  • Emergency power supply
  • Alarm siren
  • Easy to set up
  • Many configuration options
  • No sabotage protection
  • Control via app did not work
  • No sabotage protection
  • Alarm could be louder
  • No emergency power
  • Few components
  • Control via app could be even more intuitive
  • The siren could be more annoying and louder
  • Few components included
  • Can only be operated via an app
  • Not protected against power or Internet failure
  • No SIM card integration

A very comprehensive and safe system through emergency power and SMS contact.

Easy to use and to set up and with the possibility of integrating a SIM card to be prepared for Internet failure.

Easy to operate and set up, but not equipped to withstand power or Internet failure.

Very reliable alarm system, whose app is unfortunately quite complicated.

A reliable, easy to use starter set that could be a bit more extensive.

Inexpensive starter set for small apartments.

Scope of the set
Scope of delivery Control unit, 2x remote control, siren, motion detector, window/door contact, power supply, operating instructions Alarm main unit, control panel, motion detector, door/window contact, remote control, passive RFID tag, IP camera, warning sign, 3 warning stickers, power supply, operating instructions, accessories Smoke detectors, motion detectors, windows/door contacts, basic, instructions Access Point, Window/door contact, Motion detector, Mounting accessories, LAN cable Access point, alarm siren, window/door contact, motion detector Alarm main unit, door sensor, motion detector, siren, wall and floor brackets, power supply unit, Ethernet cable, accessories, operating instructions
Quality impression Very good Okay Good Very good Good Good
Additional warranty - Depending on retailer - - - 2 years
Width Access Point: 19.9 cm, Indoor siren: 5.0 cm, Motion detector: 17.0 cm, Door/window contact: 3.0 cm Alarm main unit: 10.9cm, control panel: 9.3cm, motion detector: 5.4cm, door/window contact: 4.3cm, IP camera: 7.8cm Access Point: 13.3 cm, door/window contact: 1.7 cm and 1.2 cm, outdoor camera: 6.8 cm Access Point: 20.0 cm, window/door contact: 2.4 cm, motion detector: 5.7 cm Access Point: 11 cm, alarm siren: 12.6 cm, window/door contact: 1.3 cm, motion detector: 5.3 cm Alarm main unit: 12.5cm, door sensor: 5.1cm, motion detector: 6.5cm, alarm siren: 6.3cm
Height Access Point: 13.7 cm, Indoor siren: 6.3 cm, Motion detector: 12.0 cm, Door/window contact: 17.0 cm Alarm main unit: 4.2cm, control panel: 14.3cm, motion detector: 10.5cm, door/window contact: 7.8cm, IP camera: 12cm Access Point: 3.3 cm, door/window contact: 10.3 cm and 4.7 cm, outdoor camera: 20.9 cm Access Point: 3.0 cm, window/door contact: 8.7 cm, motion detector: 9.5 cm Access Point: 2.5 cm, alarm siren: 4.7 cm, window/door contact: 10.0 cm, motion detector: 7.0 cm Alarm main unit: 13.8cm, door sensor: 5.1cm, motion detector: 9.7cm, alarm siren: 6.3cm
Depth Access Point: 3.0 cm, Indoor siren: 4.9 cm, Motion detector: 17.0 cm, Door/window contact: 1.5 cm Alarm main unit: 10.9cm, control panel: 1.5cm, motion detector: 2.9cm, door/window contact: 1.8cm, IP camera: 7.8cm Access Point: 11.8 cm, door/window contact: 2.3 cm and 1.1 cm, outdoor camera: 10 cm Access Point: 16.0 cm, window/door contact: 2.2 cm, motion detector: 5.2 cm Access Point: 10 cm, alarm siren: 12.6 cm, window/door contact: 1.8 cm, motion detector: 3.3 cm Alarm main unit: 4.6cm, door sensor: 2.5cm, motion detector: 3.2cm, alarm siren: 3.5cm
Weight 800 g 783 g 1,202 g 595 g 1,400 g 375 g
Acoustic alarm sound 100.9 dB 87.6 dB 85 dB 93.4 dB 89.3 dB 93.4 dB
Coverage angle 110° Approx. 110° 90° 110° 105° 110°
Remote control 2 One + passive RFID tag and via app Via App Via App Via App -
Connectable sensors 99 60 No information available 80 48
Emergency power supply 6 to 8 hours At least 8 hours - Up to 21 hours No information available -
Range 25 meters with lightweight walls or 1st floor with concrete construction One floor with concrete structure and 25 meters Min. 25 m with lightweight walls, 1.5 floors through concrete ceilings Approx. 25 m About 25 meters for lightweight walls Approx. 25 m
Battery type Motion detector: 4 x AAA, window contact: 1x 23 A Motion detector: 2x AA; door/window contact: 1x AAA; control panel: 3x AAA Window contact: 2 x AAA, smoke detector : lithium-ion long-life battery, motion detector: Lithium-ion long-life battery Motion detector: 1x CR123A, window contact: 1x CR123A Motion detector: 2x AA, window and door contact: 1x AAA, alarm siren: 3x AA CR123A 3V
Batteries necessary
Batteries included
Alarm siren
Motion detection
Smoke detector - - Available separately Available separately -
Window/ door contact
Sabotage protection - - -
Packaging Printed with information and pictures Illustrated cardboard Informative, illustrated Simple, appealing Simple, printed with information Illustrated cardboard
Quality of instructions Very good Good Excellent Very good Good Good
Manual language GER EN, GER, DEN, NED, FR, IT, POR, ESP and more GER, GB GER GER, GB GER, EN
- -
1 reviews
- - -
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*All prices include VAT (if applicable, extra charge for delivery. Check the particular online shop to find information about the availability. Changes of indicated prices since the last update remain reserved.

Tested products

1st place: Multi Kon Trade Alarm Complete System M2B SET-4

Test seal: Multi Kon Trade Alarm Complete System M2B SET-4, Rating excellent

The alarm system M2B SET-4 from Multi Kon Trade convinces by the abundance of supplied devices and functions. Since it is not dependent on your W-Lan and has an emergency power supply, it is insusceptible to disturbances and thus ensures great reliability. Unlike the competition, setting it up is quite complicated.

read review
DENVER Smart WIFI / GSM Alarm System  - thumbnail Test seal: DENVER Smart WIFI / GSM Alarm System , Rating good

2nd place: DENVER Smart WIFI / GSM Alarm System

The SHA-150 alarm system from Denver Electronics is easy to set up and super easy to operate via the app. There are many options and functions to set up the alarm system optimally for your individual needs. With the possibility of integrating a SIM card and the emergency power supply secured by a battery, it is well protected against Internet and power failures. A further plus point is the IP camera included in the scope of delivery. However, there is only one motion detector and one door/window contact in the starter pack.

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Bosch Smart Home Security Starter Set - thumbnail Test seal: Bosch Smart Home Security Starter Set, Rating good

3rd place: Bosch Smart Home Security Starter Set

The Bosch Smart Home Security Starter Set is an easy-to-use and uncomplicated system that reliably protects at least part of your home with its devices. Unfortunately, it is not prepared for a power failure.

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Lupus Electronics 12112 XT1 Plus Starter Pack - thumbnail Test seal: Lupus Electronics 12112 XT1 Plus Starter Pack, Rating good

4th place: Lupus Electronics 12112 XT1 Plus Starter Pack

The alarm system 12112 XT1 Plus Starter Pack from Lupus Electronics is a reliable system whose components are very easy to set up. However, the app is somewhat complicated. It is also the starter set with the fewest components.

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Homematic IP Smart Home Starter Set Alarm - thumbnail Test seal: Homematic IP Smart Home Starter Set Alarm, Rating good

5th place: Homematic IP Smart Home Starter Set Alarm

The alarm system Smart Home Starter Set Alarm from Homematic IP is very simple and intuitive to operate and commission. However, the motion detector can sometimes be tricked and the scope of delivery is only sufficient to secure a small part of your home.

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Gigaset Elements Smart Home Alarm System S - thumbnail Test seal: Gigaset Elements Smart Home Alarm System S, Rating good

6th place: Gigaset Elements Smart Home Alarm System S

The Elements Smart Home Alarm System S from Gigaset is easy to set up and to configure via the app. Unfortunately, it can only be operated via the app. You can select different alarm modes, create schedules and rules to customize the alarm system to your needs. However, the alarm system is not protected against power or internet failure and no SIM card can be integrated.

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Multi Kon Trade - Alarm Complete System M2B SET-4

Winner: read review
  • Place motion detectors in locations that intruders must pass when they want to enter your home.
  • Follow the installation instructions for your system to ensure reliability.

In the run-up to the test, we defined practical requirements and the following test criteria:

  • Reliability
  • Functional scope
  • Handling
  • Range
  • Installation

In order to evaluate these criteria, we have defined several tests for the alarm system sets. First, the scope of delivery and functions are checked. Before the practical tests, the devices are put into operation as recommended by the manufacturer and, if available, the required app is downloaded. The devices are then "tuned in" using an app or remote control. Furthermore, the additional functions that are available to the devices are tested. In addition, the maximum distance between the base and the individual components of each set is checked.

The motion detectors of all sets are tested in the further test sequences. For this purpose, a test person tries to pass the detection angle unnoticed. Furthermore, the window/door contacts of the alarm system set are attached and tested. If the alarm of the devices is released, its effectiveness is judged and the volume is measured from a meter distance. During these test phases, the user-friendliness and handling of the devices are always checked. Finally, further safety measures such as emergency power, sabotage protection and the like are assessed.

In order to rule out mistakes and to ensure that the test is not exposed to everyday use, each test is carried out in several rounds.

The test criteria receive percentages depending on their importance. The final score is then objectively calculated from the test criteria using an algorithm.

Product selection
Our product selection is based on an observation of the current market. In addition to popular branded products, we also include insider tips in our selection. Criteria such as price and range of functions are an important factor for us. The test field is also determined by analysis and evaluation of customer reviews and external tests (e.g. Stiftung Warentest).

The devices are purchased anonymously or lent to us by the manufacturer. Dealers and manufacturers have no influence on the tests and our evaluation.

As soon as new relevant products come onto the market, our test field is extended by these. The new products go through the same test as the already tested devices.

Alarm systems are a good way to secure your home or commercial space. The systems inform about an intrusion of unauthorized persons and also have a deterrent effect. Therefore, many experts rely on alarm systems in different designs. The devices also give them a feeling of security. It should be noted that the systems can only be understood as a supplement to mechanical protection. The most effective way to protect your home is to look out for well-locked windows and doors and equip your home with an alarm system. Above all, you should keep an eye on known weak points and secure them if necessary. These include windows at floor level, easily accessible cellar shafts and patio doors. With the right security equipment, you will make it as difficult as possible for strangers to get inside.

Everything you need to know about alarm systems can be found on this page.
For example, you can read here about IP alarm systems that are equipped with the latest technology and can be controlled remotely. These models send you an SMS or e-mail to your mobile device in the event of an alarm so that you can react immediately. In addition, there are different types of alarm systems, which are presented below with their advantages and disadvantages. These include wireless alarms and wired alarms.

The functioning of the alarm systems is also thematized, here it goes to trap monitoring, outer skin monitoring and focused monitoring.

Finally, the most important factors when buying an alarm system are mentioned. These include, for example, the applicability and location of the object to be monitored.

One of the most effective devices available on the market is the IP alarm system. These models not only present the latest technology, but they are also very user-friendly. Like the classic alarm systems, an IP alarm system is divided into three areas: a control centre, a siren and various sensors.

The sensors can be constructed in different ways. For example, there are motion sensors that react as soon as a movement or an approach is registered or smoke sensors. These are mainly used in closed rooms to detect smoke development at an early stage.
As a further feature, the IP alarm systems offer connectivity to the Internet or a computer network. These connections make it possible for you to control your home via your smartphone or tablet while on the move. Even different settings can be made remotely. For example, you can turn models off and on when you're on the go. This is very helpful if you forgot to activate the system before you left for your holiday.

It is also possible to connect various electrical appliances from your home to the alarm system. You use a radio socket to connect the IP system. For example, if you want to preheat your apartment in winter before you return home, you can simply activate the heating via the coupled IP alarm system half an hour before you arrive.

If you have some basic technical knowledge, you can connect the IP alarm system without any problems. The equipment of the alarm systems also includes a user interface as software for the PC, which is very clearly designed. This makes installation easy. The application becomes even easier when you download the app for your mobile phone or tablet.

It is not necessary to lay a cable. The individual detectors and sensors are equipped with a wireless connection to the control panel. The detectors are supplied with power by batteries, so no disturbing cable is necessary. The individual rechargeable batteries have a convincing service life of a maximum of four years. As soon as the charge is nearing its end, you will receive a message about the IP alarm system. Then you can simply replace the battery with a new one.

For proper use, it is important that the transmission range is approximately thirty to one hundred meters. In addition, the device should have an optimally functioning sabotage monitoring system. This feature prevents third parties from taking over control of the IP alarm system and deactivating it if necessary. It is also important that the system is compatible and provides possibilities for expansion. Pay attention to a high number of device connections and sensor couplings. In some cases, it may make sense to buy a device with a special "panic button". These alarm systems are equipped with a button that you press in the event of a robbery to call for help immediately. Also, a model with a camera is often useful, that records the processes precisely.

With some alarm systems, the alarm is sent via smartphone.
With some alarm systems, the alarm is sent via smartphone.

The new IP alarm system is therefore installed and in use. But how do you know that an alarm has been triggered? Many of the models work here by e-mail or SMS. As soon as an activation has taken place, such a message is sent directly to your mobile device. This sending takes place without any delay so that users are directly informed. You then have the option to respond to the alarm. Either they go themselves to the sensor that gave the alarm, or they call in help. It makes sense to test the triggers and notifications in a simulated alarm situation before the actual commissioning.

The systems have various advantages. They can be easily integrated into the Smarthome with all its advantages. The large number of alarm sensors gives you the opportunity to put the system together individually. The radio connection runs smoothly. The appearance of the environment is not disturbed by unattractive cables - and therefore there are no stumbling blocks. The mobile setting and the remote access are the main plus points of the devices.
Good to know: A disadvantage is that you need a stable connection to the Internet to access the IP alarm systems.

In addition to the IP alarm systems, there are various other types of alarm systems with which you can secure your belongings. Each of these models has its own advantages. Structural conditions also play a role in the choice of system. A rough distinction is made between wired systems, radio systems and hybrid models.

Wired alarm systems for the security of the home

The wired versions of the alarm systems feature wiring of the individual elements. The motion detectors, signal transmitters and central unit are connected to each other via cables. The maximum distance between the individual parts is determined by the length of the respective cable. The cables can be visually detrimental to the premises if they are retrofitted. Therefore, these variants are mainly used for renovation work or in new buildings. The cables connecting the individual areas are concealed under plaster. Thus these connections are not to be recognized also for an unauthorized one, which provides entrance into the area.
In the case of a possible inspection of the house in the apron, it weighs first in security, is surprised then however with the break-down attempt by the sudden alarm and is hit directly into the escape.

The big advantage of alarm systems with cable connection is that the various components of the system form a fixed connection. It is not possible to interrupt them. This is why these types of protection promise particularly high protection for the home's four walls.
You can also be sure that these systems have a reliable power supply. It is not necessary to change the batteries from time to time. And don't worry, a nasty surprise on your electricity bill won't wait for you: The wired alarm systems consume very little electricity, the value is in the single-digit watt range. This means that the costs are no longer an issue.

The only disadvantage with these models is the mounting. Because this is connected with a large expenditure. You have to make sure that each cable is connected to the appropriate parts. If you are not so familiar with this and are uncertain about some steps of the installation, you should consult an expert in this field to enjoy a maximum of safety.

Another option of the house fuse are the alarm systems with radio connections. Here the installation is much easier. The individual components of the system simply radio each other. However, rechargeable batteries are also required here to ensure that the elements are reliably supplied with energy. The components use radio waves for signal transmission.
The expansion is just as easy as the installation of the wireless alarm system. New parts only have to be integrated into the radio wave range of the system - and a connection is established. So it is also possible to add new elements later. For example, when it comes to enlarging the space to be monitored.

The maintenance of the parts is easy, this also applies to any necessary replacement.
But these alarm systems with radio connections also have small disadvantages. Because while the wired models cannot be disturbed in their connection, the radio connections sometimes suffer from brief impairments. Even if the transmission of the waves only stops for a short time, strangers can take advantage and enter the premises without being noticed by the alarm system.
In order to ensure a perfect interaction of the individual factors, the wireless alarm system is combined with other features. It is also important that you always keep an eye on the different battery levels and check the individual components from time to time.
Radio systems with 433 MHz equipment reach particularly far. These types also score points with their simple applicability. Even the price-performance ratio of these models is good. However, not all of them have an LED battery indicator.

A variation of the radio systems is also a 2Way system. Here the control unit is constantly in contact with the individual radio operators. It also always offers all information on the properties of the components and their charge status. If the connection is interrupted, an alarm is triggered.
Burglars like to "whine" in order to interfere with a radio system and thus bring it to a standstill. This procedure has no chance with the 2Ways models. Because every interruption is noticed immediately. You have the option of making various alarm settings. Should it be a silent alarm or an acoustic alarm?

Smart Home Alarm Systems for Your Home

In addition to these models, there are also Smart Home systems, which, like IP alarm systems, are controlled via the Internet. The Smart Home versions are directly linked to other elements in your home. For example, it is possible to connect the system to the light. If an unauthorised person enters the premises, the light switches on automatically. This makes Smart Home alarm systems particularly effective. The stranger feels caught and immediately escapes. There are also other options, such as connection to the smoke detector in the home's four walls. If the smoke detector is triggered while you are away, the Smart Home Alarm System camera gives you an accurate picture of what's happening in your home. Some models that act as motion detectors can be set to track movement. So you can immediately see which object or person is triggering the alarm. It also becomes effective when the alarm system is connected to a fog machine. The suddenly appearing haze in the room deters the burglar.

The advantage is that it is not necessary to switch on the alarm system. The Smart Home version is simply in continuous operation. In addition, the Smart Home models have another big advantage: they can be configured via voice control. The respective voice assistant reacts to voice commands and executes them as required. It is therefore not necessary to press specific buttons or enter commands.

A reliable security concept is based on mechanical protection against unauthorised persons, consisting of secured windows, doors and locks. In addition, an electronic alarm system is a good idea. Because it effectively deters burglars and gives you a safe feeling when you are not at home.

There are three types of alarm system. For example, there are models that rely on direct current technology. Here, electric current flows within the alarm group. If the current flow is interrupted - or amplified - the system registers this and triggers an alarm.
The bus technology is designed in such a way that all detectors are connected to a power and data line. This coupling is checked at regular intervals.

There is also a third version of the alarm system: models in which bus technology is combined with radio technology. The big difference to the standard bus technology is that the detector runs in battery mode. It is therefore important to check the battery status again and again.

The areas of application and modes of operation of the alarm systems

The different models and modes of operation of the alarm systems can be used in very different areas. This ensures optimum security for buildings and squares.

When monitoring traps, you use the alarm systems primarily outdoors. These should monitor certain areas there. In particular, you have an eye on the areas that a potential burglar has to cross in order to reach doors, windows or other entry points.

window contacts transmit to the system when burglars attempt to enter through the windows.

Another type of fuse is outer skin monitoring. Whoever uses this method attaches the contacts and detectors directly to the doors and windows of the home. Any access is immediately detected in this way - and an alarm sounds. This prevents unauthorised persons from entering the premises in the first place. You also have the opportunity to switch on this type of alarm system when you are inside the house. With it, you create so-called presence protection. To secure the windows, you use opening detectors or contacts with magnets. With glass, you use a break detector (active or passive). Alarm foil or wire is also a suitable means here. The interiors can be equipped with infrared detectors. Alternatively, indoors you can rely on a microwave or ultrasonic detectors that register movements. A further option are light barriers in the rooms. These trigger an alarm when a stranger passes through.

Depending on the area of application, focus monitoring is also very suitable. With this type of security, it is a matter of protecting a certain area especially. This variant is, therefore, the first choice, especially for public buildings. Rather seldom is the focus on surveillance used in private households. The reason for this is that the possible valuable objects in private households are usually not all in a central place. Rather, they are distributed throughout the house. In addition, the alarm on these models is only triggered as soon as the intruder enters the respective area. In this case, the intruder would already be in the house or apartment when the alarm is triggered.

The different alarm types

The alarm system functions also differ with regard to the type of alarm. The variants are adapted to the respective place of use and the function of the device.
You probably know the silent alarm - in crime novels and action films this is often shown: intruders don't even notice the alarm being triggered in this case. Only the police are alerted. The police can then immediately move out and catch the unauthorized person red-handed. Unlike in the films, however, in reality, the police do not necessarily receive a notification. In most cases, the alarm goes out to a private security company that you have selected in advance. The company then arrives and can put the intruder in place.

Many alarm systems come with a siren.

An acoustic alarm has a more deterrent effect. With this, the unauthorized is to be driven out already with the attempt of the break-in. This prevents the intruder from entering the house in the first place.

With the models for the outside area, an important point is to be considered here, however: The alarm must switch itself off after a certain period of time. Because if it emits continuous acoustic signals, it comes to a considerable disturbance of the peace.
The acoustic alarm can be supplemented by a visual alarm. This is because it gives this type of fuse even greater effectiveness.

Which alarm system is the right one for your purposes is up to you. However, there are factors to consider when choosing a model. These include, for example, the size of the object to be protected.

In addition, you can sometimes orient yourself to the requirements of the insurance company. Some of them specify which functions the model must have. If these are not fulfilled, the insurance company will not pay for the damage. It is therefore worth checking a contract carefully here.

The location of the property is also important. For example, some facilities are designed for residential buildings or office buildings and others for garages and similar objects.

Even with the different trade areas, there are different variants. For example, a jeweller needs different facilities than a restaurant. Also with this question a discussion with the insurance is advisable.

Of course, it is also important that the handling of the equipment is easy to understand. After all, what good is the best alarm system if you are not able to operate it? Models with an Internet connection are particularly easy to control. More complicated models are rather unsuitable for private households.

Another important point is the type of monitoring. Is surveillance with a video function necessary? Do you prefer a silent alarm? What about integrated fire protection? In any case, also consider that it is worthwhile to pay attention to the possibility of extending the device. In this way, modern features can be integrated later.
After all, the area to be monitored is also decisive. Are these rooms inside a house? Many people find it important to deter the unauthorized person from entering the house at an early stage. In such cases, it is, therefore, advisable to use motion detectors for outdoor use. Whether you are allowed to install video surveillance or an alarm on the outside of the house wall should sometimes be clarified with the potential homeowner or with the neighbours, as these devices can cause a great deal of noise pollution.

As you can see, there are various aspects to consider when buying an alarm system. The cost factor should play a minor role in your considerations. After all, when buying an alarm system you should always consider that you want to secure your home with it. In an emergency, this goes hand in hand with securing your life. The various features and capabilities of the alarm system is a matter of taste. The models are designed so differently that everyone will find the right type of security for their home. So you can go on holiday with a good feeling without having to worry about protecting your home.

How do we test at

Live and authentic: We get the devices into our Hamburg test laboratory. Here we take a close look at everything.

Each test is preceded by an extensive search:

  • Which suppliers are on the market?
  • What current products are there?
  • What are the comparison criteria?
  • What tests are we going to run?
  • What is the test procedure?

When everything's settled, we'll bring the devices to us. For each product the test procedure, the measured values and product properties are documented in detail. We create photos and videos. We evaluate the results for you, summarize everything in a test report and calculate the test grade.

Have fun!

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What is the best alarm system set?

Our test winner is the Complete Alarm System M2B SET-4 by Multi Kon Trade: In addition to an emergency power supply, the device has other helpful functions and is the loudest system in the test. Our favourite with the test grade 9.4/10!

We have tested 6 sets of alarm systems, paying particular attention to reliability, functionality and handling.

With an alarm system set, you can protect your own four walls or even commercial areas from unauthorized intruders. The devices not only emit a shrill alarm tone but also contact you directly by SMS or in the appropriate app.


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