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Are you still looking for a cheap alternative for your bedroom? You often have visitors, but so far only a sofa instead of a mobile guest bed? Or are you looking for a camping mattress with a luxury feeling?

Thanks to integrated air pumps, airbeds can be assembled and disassembled fully automatically within minutes. And of course it's really comfortable to sleep on them! Say goodbye the exhausting blowing up and take a look through our detailed reviews of 6 air beds. Our test winner is the Intex Dura-Beam Comfort Plus 64418: With its fibre technology and all functions, it ensures an optimal lying experience. Our favourite with the test mark 9,4/10!

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last modified: 30.10.2019, 15:19
Best price winner
Our winner: Intex Dura-Beam Comfort Plus TOPELEK Air bed Review ETEKCITY Premium Air Bed Double Queen Size Review AmazonBasics Premium Air Bed Double Bed Review Active Era Premium Double King Size Review Bestway Queen size air bed premium plus Review

Intex Dura-Beam Comfort Plus


ETEKCITY Premium Air Bed Double Queen Size

AmazonBasics Premium Air Bed Double Bed

Active Era Premium Double King Size

Bestway Queen size air bed premium plus

Test seal: Intex Dura-Beam Comfort Plus , Rating 1.45
Test seal: TOPELEK Air bed, Rating 1.7
Test seal: ETEKCITY Premium Air Bed Double Queen Size, Rating 1.8
Test seal: AmazonBasics Premium Air Bed Double Bed, Rating 2.55
Test seal: Active Era Premium Double King Size, Rating 2.6
Test seal: Bestway Queen size air bed premium plus, Rating 2.85
  • Large lying surface
  • Comfortable lying comfort
  • Stability thanks to Fiber-Tech technology
  • Transport bag
  • Robust material
  • Automatic air inlet / outlet
  • External air pump connection
  • Automatic air inlet / outlet
  • Very comfortable to lie on
  • Carry pouch
  • Hardly any chemical odor
  • Robust material
  • Air pump connection
  • Automatic air inlet / outlet
  • Comfortable lying comfort
  • Automatic ventilation switch-off
  • Carrying bag
  • Automatic air inlet / outlet
  • Carry pouch
  • Robust material
  • Automatic air inlet and outlet
  • Air pump connection
  • Automatic air inlet / outlet
  • Carry pouch
  • Robust material
  • Hardly any chemical odor
  • High volume
  • No automatic switch-off
  • High volume
  • No automatic switch-off
  • Strong odour
  • High volume
  • No automatic switch-off
  • High volume
  • No automatic switch-off
  • Strong odour
  • High volume
  • No carrying bag
  • No automatic switch-off
  • High volume

The airbed creates a high lying comfort with fiber technology and has many functions.

The airbed is designed to be very user-friendly and has a high-quality appearance.

The air bed can be set up quickly and easily thanks to automatic functions.

The airbed is of solid quality and easy to use.

Unfortunately, additives such as automatic switch-off or carrying bags are missing. The lying comfort is also mediocre.

The air bed is to be assigned in the middle area, qualitatively as well as functionally.

Material Upper side made of flocked, water-repellent material, otherwise PVC Upper side made of flocked, water-repellent material, otherwise PVC Upper side made of viscose fabric, otherwise PVC material Upper side made of flocked, water-repellent material, otherwise PVC No comment top side out off velours material, otherwise Vinyl
Scope of delivery Air bed, operation instruction, 1 repair sticker, transport bag, information cards Operartion instruction, air bed, transport bag, 4 repair sticker Operation instruction, warranty, 2 repair stickers, air bed, protection case Air bed, carry bag, 1 repair sticker, operation instruction Operation instruction, 2 repair stickers, air bed Air bed, carry bad, 1 repair sticker, operation instruction
Additional warranty 90 Days from date of purchase Within the next 45 days exchangeable Two years, warranty included No comment 12 months, 24 months within registration of 7 days No comment
Lounger Comfort
Height 56 cm 43,5 cm 46 cm 35,5 cm 41,5 cm 37 cm
Width 155 cm 148 cm 148 cm 140 cm 145 cm 146 cm
Depth 202 cm 198 cm 196,5 cm 194 cm 196 cm 194 cm
Weight Before inflation: 8, 85 kg Before inflation: 7,98 kg Before inflation: 9,6 kg Before inflation: 7,4 kg Before inflation: 7,08 kg Before inflation: 7,98 kg
Quality impression Very good Stable, very good Good Good Satisfactory Ok
Quality of instructions Very good, illustration help for a better understanding satisfactory Good, included with the most important Information Many illustrations help to understand the product much better, otherwise confined to the essentials. Good, included with the most important Information Satisfactory, barely pictures, only short overview
Colours Grey Grey Light brown Black, grey Blue, Grey Black
Bag No
Repair mend Yes, one Yes, 4 pieces Yes, two pieces Yes, one Yes, two pieces Yes, one
Waterproof Yes, waterproof flocked upper side Yes, waterproof flocked upper side No No No No
Number of persons 2 2 2 1-2 2 1-2
Maximum load 273 kg 270 kg 295 kg 300 kg No comment 227 kg
Overload protection No No Yes, automatic switch-off of ventilation after 5 minutes No No No
Power consumption 202-240 V 220 V 220-240 V 220-240 V 220 V 220 V
Construction and dismantling Easy, button for switching air or realesing air Easy, button for switching air or realesing air Easy, button for switching air or realesing air Easy, button for switching air or realesing air Easy, button for switching air or realesing air Easy, button for switching air or realesing air
Volume 80 dB during air pumping and air releasing, messured by the ventilation from one meter away 74 dB during air pumping and air releasing, messured by the ventilation from one meter away 75 dB during air pumping and air releasing, messured by the ventilation from one meter away 79 dB during air pumping and air releasing, messured by the ventilation from one meter away 79 dB during air pumping and air releasing, messured by the ventilation from one meter away 77 dB during air pumping and air releasing, messured by the ventilation from one meter away
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*All prices include VAT (if applicable, extra charge for delivery. Check the particular online shop to find information about the availability. Changes of indicated prices since the last update remain reserved.

Tested products

1st place: Intex Dura-Beam Comfort Plus

Test seal: Intex Dura-Beam Comfort Plus , Rating excellent

The Intex 64418 Air Bed Comfort did extremely well on the lie-flat test. Thanks to the integrated Fiber-Tech technology, you lie very comfortably as on a real mattress. This means you don't sink in over time and comfort is guaranteed for several nights. When inflated, air hardly escapes after a few hours. The material smells a little like chemistry, but is still of very high quality. The assembly and disassembly is totally simple and easy to understand in the instructions. With a time of 3:14 min the inflation took relatively longer, but this airbed is also the largest and almost twice as high as the competition. The air blowing was with 4:43 minutes more time-consuming, compared to other airbeds. All in all a very good result!

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TOPELEK Air bed - thumbnail Test seal: TOPELEK Air bed, Rating good

2nd place: TOPELEK Air bed

The TOPELEK Air bed did well in the comfort test. Over a longer period of time, hardly any air escaped and the material does not smell of chemicals, so it is of high quality. The assembly and disassembly is extremely simple and easy to understand in the instructions. With a time of 2:34 min the inflation went very fast, also the air blow off does not take too long with 3:53 min. All around a satisfying result.

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ETEKCITY Premium Air Bed Double Queen Size - thumbnail Test seal: ETEKCITY Premium Air Bed Double Queen Size, Rating good

3rd place: ETEKCITY Premium Air Bed Double Queen Size

The ETEKCITY Premium Air Bed scored well on the comfort test. For a long time, hardly any air escaped, it even seemed as if the air bed would fill up on its own as soon as the pressure dropped. But the material smells very chemical, so it doesn't look as good as the competition. The assembly and disassembly, on the other hand, is explained simply and comprehensibly in the instructions. With a time of 3:34 min, the inflation time is in the middle range. Also the air deflation takes with 3:59 min in the comparison somewhat longer. In summary, it can be said that the air bed fulfils its purpose well.

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AmazonBasics Premium Air Bed Double Bed - thumbnail Test seal: AmazonBasics Premium Air Bed Double Bed, Rating satisfactory

4th place: AmazonBasics Premium Air Bed Double Bed

The AmazonBasics Premium Air bed achieved a satisfactory result in our test. Although it lies well on the air bed, air has escaped from the mattress over a longer period of time. The material smells very unpleasant and chemical, but feels robust, the quality is mediocre. The assembly and disassembly is sufficiently explained in the instructions and can be quickly understood. With a time of 2:39 min the airbed was very quickly inflated, but the 1.40 width bed is also the smallest. The air blowing with 3:30 min accordingly does not take too long. In summary, the mattress came to a mediocre final result because stability and size were not so convincing compared to the competition.

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Active Era Premium Double King Size - thumbnail Test seal: Active Era Premium Double King Size, Rating satisfactory

5th place: Active Era Premium Double King Size

The Active Era Premium Air Bed did not quite convince us in the test. The comfort is rather moderately on the air bed and one could see that air escaped over a longer period of time. The material doesn't look so high quality and smells very chemical and unpleasant. The assembly and disassembly is explained in the manual and works easily. With a time of 2:26 min the bed was one of the fastest inflated, but the airbed was not very big. The air blowing takes the longest with 4:35 min. All in all, the mattress fulfils its purpose, but could not convince us in all points.

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Bestway Queen size air bed premium plus - thumbnail Test seal: Bestway Queen size air bed premium plus, Rating satisfactory

6th place: Bestway Queen size air bed premium plus

The Bestway Air bed scored the worst on our test. The lying comfort is rather moderate and air has escaped over a longer period of time. The material does not smell much like chemicals, but it does not look as high quality. The assembly and disassembly was fortunately easy, even though it was only poorly described in the manual. But the principle is self-explanatory. With a time of 2:51 min one did not have to wait too long, until the air bed was completely pumped up. Also the air blowing goes relatively fast with 3:36 min, but due to the lack of lying comfort the bed did not do so well in our test compared to the competition.

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Intex - Dura-Beam Comfort Plus

Winner: read review
  • For more comfort: Buy an airbed with flocked top. This ensures that liquids and dirt are not absorbed so quickly and contributes to a comfortable lying sensation.
  • The best thing to do is to choose an airbed without an integrated cushion pad. Then you can use your favourite pillow as you wish.
  • Cover your air bed with a real bed sheet. It feels more comfortable and your airbed stays cleaner.
  • Don't be afraid to determine the degree of hardness of your airbed yourself: If the bed is too hard for you, let off some air, if the bed is too soft for you, fill in some more air.
  • Find out whether your airbed comes with a transport bag. Then you can stow the bed better - it will fit better into the bag afterwards anyway than into the small cardboard box.
  • What is the nature of the soil? Sometimes it is advisable to place a base under the mattress. Then there is no danger of it slipping while sleeping.
  • If you have a pet, make sure that the animal with its sharp claws stays outside the air bed - otherwise your air bed could quickly have a hole.

In the run-up to the test, we defined practical requirements and the following test criteria:

  • Lying comfort
  • Sturdiness
  • Superstructure
  • Volume
  • Span

In order to evaluate these criteria, we have defined several tests for the air beds. In these tests, the beds are first assembled according to the manufacturer's specifications. The temperature and volume of the ventilation are measured. In addition all measurements of the beds are recorded. In a further step, we check how quickly the air beds absorb and release all the air. In order to maintain objectivity, the beds are tested by several people to determine comfort. After the air beds have been inflated in a test room for about two days, the measurements are checked again and the pressure measured. Finally, the folding and stowage of the beds are assessed.

A decibel meter and an air bed
We test the sound intensity of the air bed during inflating

In order to avoid mistakes and to ensure the stress of everyday use, each test takes place in several rounds.
The test criteria receive percentages depending on their importance. The final score is then objectively calculated from the test criteria using an algorithm.

Product Selection
Our product selection is based on observation of the current market. In addition to popular branded products, we also include insider tips in our selection. Criteria such as price and range of functions are an important factor for us. The test field is also determined by analysis and evaluation of customer reviews and external tests (e.g. Stiftung Warentest).

The devices are purchased anonymously or lent to us by the manufacturer. Dealers and manufacturers have no influence on the tests and our evaluation.

As soon as new relevant products come onto the market, our test field is extended by these. The new products go through the same test as the already tested devices.

Despite the models described in more detail and the purchase criteria, many interested parties and users still have some questions on the subject of airbeds. We now want to answer these questions in detail one after the other.

How to set up an Air Bed?

The structure of an inflatable bed is often described in detail by the manufacturer in the enclosed instruction manual. Normally, however, the following steps must be carried out: The first step is to choose a dry surface with no sharp edges or objects. If the air bed is to be installed indoors, the surface in the apartment or house must be vacuumed or cleaned shortly before installation. If one wants to place it in the outside area, pointed sticks, stones and comparable objects should be removed in the first place. The inflatable bed should then be completely unfolded. Now pump it up to the desired degree of hardness. Even if the inflation is not done with a manual but with an integrated pump, it is important to stay on site. Another tip: It is best to set up the air bed a few hours before using it. This allows it to get used to the ambient temperature and to expand properly. Then you can pump a little more air, which gives the inflatable bed extra stability. If the bed is to be moved again after it has been set up, it is recommended that another person be added to the inflatable bed.

Can people with very different weights sleep on an inflatable bed?

On continuous, large air beds it can happen that two people of different weights do not spend the night so comfortably. Because the heavier person pushes the air up a little on the side to which the lighter person sleeps due to their weight. Both may be slightly sloping. However, inflatable beds with some air chambers and bars are very stable. Even on a large resting area, people of unequal weight can sleep comfortably. The amount of air that is pumped into the bed creates additional stability and the right degree of firmness.

How quickly is an air bed inflated?

It depends on some aspects how quickly you inflate an inflatable bed. First of all, the air pump is important. With a mechanical pump, inflating takes much longer: for small beds it takes about ten to 15 minutes and for particularly large models between 20 and 25 minutes. An electric pump is used to inflate the air beds more quickly: It takes two to four minutes for smaller beds and between six and nine minutes for larger ones. In addition, integrated pumps cannot be connected. Pump performance also plays a decisive role when inflating an air bed. For mechanical pumps, this depends on the size of the airbed and your own muscle power. Electric pumps with a higher wattage generally produce more power. However, the power consumption is also higher. Finally, the amount of air is also relevant here. Single beds require less air than double beds. Versions with numerous air chambers need a little more time until they are well filled.

What to do if the inflatable bed loses air?

If air escapes the bed, for example at night while sleeping, it can have different triggers. First of all, you should make sure that the inflatable bed is designed for the current load. The provider will indicate the maximum possible load in kilograms. In addition, the material may have cracks. With special glue it is possible to repair smaller cracks. Manufacturers often supply the appropriate repair kits. In the long run, however, you should consider buying a new airbed. In addition, the seams can stretch on models that are particularly inexpensive or have been inflated too much. If the material and the seams around the valve are reinforced, the inflatable bed already keeps the air better inside.

Can an air bed be used permanently?

It is certainly possible to sleep on an inflatable bed for a longer period of time. However, the other beds are superior to the airy models, because the material wears more quickly when used continuously and these are not ideal for the back permanently. There are differences in comfort depending on stability and size. However, it is possible to sleep well on an air bed for two to three weeks.

Does it make sense to take an inflatable bed with you into the water?

Mainly an air bed serves as a comfortable and practical sleeping opportunity. For this reason it is not intended to be taken into the water. For safety reasons and to continue to enjoy the inflatable bed, it is advisable not to use the resting area in the water. It should also be noted that contact with water in an airbed with an integrated electric pump is life-threatening. To inflate or deflate the bed, it must be plugged into an electrical outlet. If there is still water in the console or at the valve, a short-circuit can be caused and thus injuries. Some suppliers point out that their processed materials are water-repellent or water-resistant. This makes it possible to use the inflatable bed on a more humid surface, such as a terrace, balcony, beach or camping site. However, this does not mean that the airbed is suitable for use in and on the water. In addition, many seams are not impregnated and therefore do not have any additional protection against moisture, as this is not necessary for normal use. The inflatable bed is always exposed to the wet element on the water, whereupon the seams are affected. It cannot be ruled out that water may penetrate into the sleeping accommodation in this way.

Is there more sweating in an air bed than in an ordinary bed?

How intensively a person sweats at night depends on the respective metabolism. Although surfaces made of velour, latex or PVC hardly absorb perspiration, many suppliers of inflatable beds also use water-repellent materials. That's why you don't sweat any more, but you can perceive the liquid more easily. It is recommended to use an underlay on the air bed: A mattress protector or cotton sheet absorbs sweat and other body fluids, which increases sleeping comfort. In addition, a protective layer prevents the formation of mould by organic material in depressions or seams in the long term.

Translated with

Is an air bed suitable for allergy sufferers?

An inflatable bed is not only suitable for people who are allergic to mites and house dust, it is also suitable for them. This is because mites do not simply settle on this impermeable synthetic surface. In addition, the air bed should be ventilated and well dried after use. This also prevents the formation of mould that would cause irritation.

How can an air bed be cleaned?

It is possible for an inflatable bed to be soiled by skin flakes, hair, body fluids, sand or dust and soil from outdoor use. It should therefore be cleaned regularly. The first thing to do is to clean the airbed of loose dirt, such as hair, sand or dust. For this purpose, it must be shaken out vigorously. For deeper seams or recesses on the inflatable bed, it is best to use the vacuum cleaner at a low suction level. Next, wipe the airbed with a wet microfibre or cotton cloth to remove light dirt. Use a wipe and a detergent or other mild detergent. This makes it possible to remove even the most stubborn stains. The grease dissolving power of the agent and a little more friction are often sufficient for this. However, it is not recommended to use acidic and sharp cleaning agents, as these damage the material. Acids make PVC and rubber porous. It is also possible that hygiene sprays contain such material-damaging substances. In addition, when cleaning, do not exert too much pressure and do not rub too hard, otherwise the material will become thinner in such places. It is also important to observe the instructions in the manufacturer's instructions for use.

How can an inflatable bed be folded properly?

A correctly folded air bed is easy to stow away. Depending on the variant, the resting area is rolled up or folded up. First, the inflatable bed is well ventilated after use so that it can dry properly. This is especially true if it has been used outdoors or for camping. Moisture can cause mould and mildew stains to form on the airbed when packaged. The air bed should never dry inflated in the sun, because the heat inside expands the air and can cause material damage. An airy place in the shade is therefore more suitable. It is important to let the air out of the bed completely. Particularly in versions with integrated electric pumps, the Empty function does not always allow all the air to escape. Therefore, the valve must be opened when folding the air bed. It should always be rolled or folded so that the corresponding valve points to this side, which is not folded in. The movements made during this process also help the last remaining air to escape from the bed. It is important that the material is folded carefully. If necessary, press lightly on the air bed with the back of your hand. The folding edges should not be bent hard. It is also not recommended to help with objects, as holes can occur. It is also important not to fold any areas where the console of the integrated pump or valves are located so that these areas are not damaged under any circumstances. Here, too, you should familiarise yourself with the instructions in the supplier's instruction manual in order to fold the air bed correctly.

What is the best way to store an inflatable bed?

An optimal storage location for an airbed is a suitable transport bag or a large drawer or cupboard compartment. The first thing to do is to fold the inflatable bed properly. Then store it dry at room temperature. This prevents mould and mildew stains on the material of the air bed. The inflatable bed should not be trapped. In addition it is to be noted that no sharp edges or objects press on the air bed. This prevents the formation of holes during storage. It is also important to protect the inflatable bed from sunlight so that the material does not become porous or fade. An external air pump should be stored in a dry place to prevent moisture from entering the unit and causing short circuits. In this context, it is also advisable to follow the manufacturer's care instructions.

Air beds are available all year round not only in furniture stores, certain discounters and specialist dealers, but also in various Internet shops. But what are the advantages of online shopping and what are the advantages of buying from local stores?

When is an airbed purchase on the Internet advisable?

Airbeds can be purchased online not only on weekdays during normal opening hours, but also after business hours and on Sundays and public holidays. This is due to the fact that nowadays many webshops, but also shops sell their products in the same way or only on the Internet. So you can shop online both during the day and at night. Another advantage is that shopping in webshops is possible everywhere. It doesn't matter whether you are sitting in a café with your smartphone, in a train with your laptop or at home with a stationary computer. What everyone certainly benefits from is the huge choice. The selection of airbeds on the Internet is usually much higher with conventional retail chains that offer their products locally and online.

This is made possible by the fact that retailers have direct access to a large warehouse on the Internet. Directly from there, the ordered goods are sent home to the customer within a few days. In addition, the inflatable bed is delivered by the parcel service to the front door. This is why the Internet is preferred when buying products, because it is always possible to compare the prices of the available airbeds at different dealers. This ensures that both the most suitable and the cheapest model is chosen. But if you don't know which airbed is the best for you, you can ask your local dealer for advice. Depending on the webshop, this can be done by telephone, fax, chat and e-mail beyond the usual shop opening hours or sometimes even 24 hours a day. Decisive information about airbeds can also be found in forums and test reports where customers reveal the advantages and disadvantages of certain models.

When it makes sense to buy an inflatable bed from a local specialist dealer

The fact that an air bed can be inspected in the next place, sample located, immediately bought and taken away, is an unbeatable advantage with the specialized trade. Especially special seasonal offers, where you can get certain variants at a reasonable price, attract you again and again to the corresponding specialist shops. However, the particularly good offers are often quickly sold out. In addition, no price comparison with other models is possible, because the selection of airbeds at the local dealer is rather manageable. Because many DIY stores or department stores with their year-round range of inflatable beds only carry models from a maximum of three manufacturers. Finding a comfortable inflatable bed can be a challenge.

Possible and sought-after alternatives are waterbeds, sleeping mats, air mattresses and camp beds. Here it is very easy to find out what the sleeping mattress is intended for. When camping, it is better not to choose a waterbed, as setting it up is very time-consuming. An insulating mat protects you from the cold, but the ground just a few centimetres away remains hard. Those who consider staying overnight on an air mattress will be a little more comfortable, but will feel the cold floor more. Then there is the camp bed, which can be folded up and down quickly, but is harder as a sleeping surface compared to the air bed.

Brief information on brand manufacturers

The list of providers of inflatable beds is very long in itself. However, you should definitely mention the leading manufacturers at this point if you want to purchase a high-quality airbed. These include, for example, the manufacturers Wehncke, Intex, Arpenaz, Simez, Ergomaxx, Bestway, High Peak and Stendebach. Even though perhaps most owners of inflatable beds are not familiar with the brands mentioned, they offer their products at specialist dealers on site or in webshops. However, the suppliers often produce airbeds as well as garden and camping accessories.


If you don't feel like sleeping only on an air mattress or a sleeping mat and prefer a higher sleeping comfort, the air bed is the perfect soulution for you. However, you should pay attention to its height and how much room there is in the tent to move upwards. However, if you sleep outside or over a man-sized tent, for example, you do not have to pay attention to the height of the bed. In contrast to a camp bed, an inflatable bed can be reduced to a particularly small pack size. In addition, you save a lot of weight, which is especially advantageous during hikes.

During the move

If you are moving and the usual bed is not yet in place, an air bed with an integrated pump can simply be set up. Usually you are very tired after a day's moving and want to lie down very quickly. Here the quick setting up and inflating of the air bed comes in handy.

On the balcony

On hot summer nights it can quickly happen that it gets too warm in your own bed and the night's rest is impaired. If you live in an apartment with a balcony, it is possible to switch to it at night and make yourself comfortable in the fresh air on an inflatable bed.

Visiting friends or their homes

If the sofa cannot be opened and you still want to offer your guests a pleasant night's sleep, then it is advisable to choose an inflatable bed with an electric pump. When the day comes to an end, you don't want to inflate the airbed with an external pump for several minutes, but you want to rest as soon as possible. There is also the case that you are invited to your friends and they do not have an ordinary guest bed. Here you can simply take your own air bed with you and set it up.

As a side bed

No matter whether at home or on holiday, if another sleeping accommodation is needed temporarily, an air bed can be set up for an adult or a child. Thus the bedroom is immediately extended by a resting place.

In a minibus or caravan

If the caravan or minibus does not have an integrated sleep function, it is also possible to use an inflatable bed here. Here it is recommended to pay attention to the width, length and height of the air bed so that it actually fits into the car. If it is too high, you can easily hit the ceiling of the vehicle with your head, which would have a negative effect on travelling.

When purchasing an inflatable bed, it is advisable not only to take a look at the different variants and the advantages and disadvantages, but also to consider the size, the condition, the weight and other criteria.


Before purchasing an airbed, one should definitely ask oneself whether children, one or two adults will sleep on it. In addition, the location must be taken into account. If you plan to use the inflated bed in your apartment in the future, it is advisable to measure the room in which you want to build it in advance in order to avoid disappointment right away. There is no space problem outside, except that you want to sleep on it in a tent. Here it has to be clarified whether it would fit into the current tent, for example, because of the height or whether a larger tent could then be bought, which would again incur costs. Several sizes of airbeds are now available on the market and you can choose between them. There are inflatable single beds on which a person can sleep comfortably. They often have a length of 185 to 200 centimetres and a width of 90 to 100 centimetres.

If a single bed in the mentioned sizes is not enough for you and you rather need a larger sleeping place, you can also choose a French bed that is often 152 centimetres wide. Inflatable double beds are suitable for two people. Couples, for example, can sleep on them. One person sleeps very comfortably on these beds. Many of the inflatable beds for two people are between 188 and 203 centimetres long and between 137 and 152 centimetres wide. Suitable airbed variants are even available for children. Normally, these beds are very easy to set up and take down because of their small size. Inflatable beds for adolescents have a length of 140 to 175 centimetres and a width of 80 to 110 centimetres.

Air beds that are 140 centimetres long and 80 centimetres wide are suitable for children from three to five years of age. From the age of five, it is advisable to choose the variants with a length of 160 centimetres and a width of 90 centimetres. Children's beds often have a raised edge so that they do not fall out while sleeping. These beds are also available in different shapes and colours and in designs suitable for children. Air sofas are also available in different sizes. Up to three adults can sit on these. For the night, however, there is room for a maximum of two people. Frequently, suppliers specify the complete dimensions for the inflatable multifunctional couch, i.e. for the assembled state including the dimensions of the side and backrests. The exact lying surface is shown less often. To determine the actual size of the usable lying surface, 20 to 40 centimetres must often be subtracted from the width and length. The most common dimensions of air sofas for one person are 185 to 220 centimetres long and 95 to 150 centimetres wide. For two people, multifunctional couches with a length between 220 and 230 centimetres and a width between 160 and 195 centimetres are recommended.

Material and processing

First and foremost, the air beds that are bought the most are made of PVC, latex or vinyl. With inflatable beds, it is particularly important to ensure that the outer cover is made of vinyl, as it is very hard-wearing. The upper side should also be made of a flocked layer, such as velour, as this is soft. Often the outer shells of cheaper variants have softeners that are harmful to health and can cause irritation or other skin problems. It is therefore advisable to read the labelled packaging thoroughly from the supplier or ask your local specialist retailer for advice. It is also important to ensure that the glued areas and seams are precise and clean so that they do not break open. This is important because the seams are subject to permanent stress due to the repeated inflation, buckling and folding. Therefore, you should inform yourself in advance about the desired model and look at or read several customer recessions.


Depending on the model, the air bed can be filled with an external or integrated pump. A simple variant is therefore so inexpensive because it has to be inflated from the outside with any air pump. Here it is possible to use an ordinary bicycle pump. However, in some cases the inflatable bed may not contain the correct attachment for this pump. Then the purchase of an additional attachment is necessary so that the bicycle pump fits to the valve of the air bed. In addition, there are bed variants in which the attachment of a foot or hand pump can usually be inserted effortlessly into the valve. Air beds with an integrated electric pump stand within a few minutes after inflation. However, they are usually not suitable for outdoor use, as there is not always a power source available in the immediate vicinity.


Air beds without integrated pump must be inflated manually. Before purchasing such a model, make sure that the valves are both precise and completely airtight. They are considered a weak point in an inflatable bed. Therefore, it is often not worth repairing them.

Carrying bag

Even if an airbed is great, it can be impractical to take up a lot of space in the household. It is also advisable to remove the inflatable bed anyway if it is not in use, so that it remains durable for a long time. However, before the air bed is used, it would be very important to store it in a place where it does not get dusty. One criterion that can help to keep the airbed clean is a carrier bag. It is particularly practical when you are out and about in nature. As a rule, many inflatable beds contain a bag. So that this is included with the purchase of the airbed, it is always advisable to look on the packaging or on the article description.


There are air beds that weigh at least two kilograms. Depending on how large the models are, they can weigh up to eight kilograms. The weight is not so important for use in the home. However, if the inflatable bed is mainly used for travel, it is more advisable to use a light version. There is also the possibility that an air bed will last longer if it is designed for a higher weight.


The extent to which inflatable beds can be loaded depends on their condition and size. Normally, the load is indicated by the provider in kilograms. When choosing the air bed, you should consider your body weight. A person weighing between 130 and 230 kilograms can lie on single beds. Double beds can hold up to two people weighing a total of 200 to 400 kilograms. For children's beds, the offspring should weigh between 40 and 60 kilograms. Air sofas can accommodate up to three people weighing between 100 and 200 kilograms, depending on their intended use.


Depending on the intended use, a different height is advantageous for the inflatable bed. Air beds usually start at a height of 15 centimetres. These are, for example, ideal for an outdoor excursion. In an ordinary tent, the sleeping surface should not be too high. However, extra high inflatable beds are also available. With a height of 56 centimetres, for example, it is much more comfortable for indoor use. Not only older but also younger people often find it easier to get on and off the bed. This makes it possible to get out of bed as if it were a normal bed. The more air that fits into the inflatable bed, the greater the distance from the ground and the better the cushioned resting area. For air sofas, the height corresponds to the height of the backrest. Normally, the actual lying height is about 30 to 45 centimetres less than the backrest height.


The cost of an air bed depends on the bed model, the size, the processing of the individual materials and the equipment. Even the design can play a big role in the price, as unusual shapes and colours may be much more expensive. It is also important to consider how often the inflatable bed should be used. Above all, it makes sense to compare the advantages and disadvantages of the variants in the different price ranges. Because these considerations decide whether a favorable or a more expensive execution comes into question. Simple inflatable single beds are available from 15 to 40 euros. More comfortable variants can range between 200 and 300 euros. With the inflatable double beds, you can buy basic versions from as little as 20 euros. More comfortable versions are already available between 60 and 270 euros. Here it depends on the used materials and on the processing quality. Very unusual and high-quality double beds can be purchased up to a maximum of 1,000 euros. The prices for air beds for children are between 15 and 60 euros. The inflatable sofa amounts to 50 to 85 euros.

As with many things in life, there are both advantages and disadvantages with the airbed, which one should deal with before buying in any case.


The air bed is easy to assemble. It weighs less than conventional mattresses. In addition, it is inexpensive to purchase. If the airbed is equipped with an electric pump, it can be used within a few minutes. The degree of hardness can be adjusted individually based on the height of the air pressure. While sleeping, the inflated bed takes on the shape of the body. This means that no painful pressure points can arise. In addition, one does not rest on the air bed near the floor because the insulating layer of air between the body and the subfloor provides warmth. There is no inconvenient air escaping of the bed, because one always has the possibility to pump air. Both conventional mattresses and airbeds have minimal material fatigue. Each model can normally be covered with a fitted sheet. This means that the inflated bed requires little care because only the bed cover needs to be washed. Some models are protected against mites and house dust. If there is no air in the chambers, the inflatable bed can be transported in a particularly space-saving manner or simply stowed away at the appropriate storage location. Since the upper layer of the air bed is usually soft and the lower layer more stable, it is possible to use it inside and outside, depending on the model. For outdoor use, the inflatable bed is comfortable to lie on because it protects against hard surfaces, dirt and water.


In the air bed the integrated pump can get quite loud. It is therefore important not to inflate this bed in the middle of the night, but preferably during the day to avoid disturbing the peace. It may take some time to deflate, as folding the bed usually takes much longer than inflating it. However, experienced people will be able to do this in ten minutes. If there is a hole in the airbed, it is often not possible to sleep comfortably because patching this thick material is not so easy at all. The electric pump in this bed can break down, which excludes inflation. If, for example, you drive away with the air bed for a few days, it should be inflated briefly beforehand if it has already been used several times. Cheap models from the Far East often have an unpleasant smell and are already defective after a few nights. Therefore it is recommended to spend a little more money.

Whether on the road or at home, there are always situations where you want to quickly provide a pleasant place to rest for yourself or others for the night when there is no other bed available. The solution for this an air bed. Because it offers many advantages, it is very popular and a key item in every household. We will therefore go into this particular type of bed in more detail in this article.

Airbed Comforttest

What is an Air bed?

The air bed is a bed system consisting of several air chambers. These are often divided in such a way that there is a lying surface, a frame and a footrest inside the bed. Normally, each of the air chambers has smaller lower chambers. As a result, an air bed behaves similarly to an ordinary mattress. The quantity and arrangement of the air chambers are responsible for the comfort of this bed. An air bed is also called an inflatable guest bed.

Types of Air beds

There are different types of airbeds, which should be considered in more detail below.

Air bed with manual pump

There is an air bed that can be inflated with a foot pump, for example. The advantage of this inflatable bed is that it can be used anywhere, whether indoors or outdoors where electricity is not available. It is also possible to use this external pump for inflatable boats, air mattresses and water toys. However, you should know that with an airbed, inflation can take between ten and 25 minutes, depending on the size. With this type of physical exertion, however, there is the advantage that gymnastics or other sports do not have to be practiced for the time being. Because the pump is not built into the inflatable bed, it can happen that it gets lost. It is therefore advisable to store them in a fixed place or always in the luggage.

Air bed with an electric pump

This air bed is inflated with an electrically integrated pump. The advantage of this type of airbed is that it can be used after an inflation time of two to three minutes. The type of lying surface is particularly suitable for those who do not want to inflate themselves, but simply want to wait until the electric pump has inflated it. Often an emptying function is also integrated in the pump. Most higher quality air beds also have the function of automatically adjusting the degree of hardness when the original amount of air is no longer contained after some time. However, one should keep in mind that an inflatable bed with an electric pump always requires a power socket nearby. This makes this model ideal for use at home or outdoors.

Airbed sofa

An airbed sofa is very popular due to its multifunctionality, as it can be used not only as a sleeping accommodation but also as a sofa. However, it should be noted that many of these variants do not have an integrated pump. Therefore it can be quite exhausting to inflate an airbed sofa.

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