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Test 06/2019

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Test seal: Naipo Shoulder Massager, Rating 7.6

last modified: 11.10.2019, 9:58

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All rating criteria details:

Massage functions 50%
Comfort 30%
Volume 20%
Tested by: Tim



The Shoulder Massager from Naipo offers the most intensive massage in our test. The reason for this is the very fast rotating massage knots of this device, which rotate much faster than comparable devices. In further points the device cannot stand out from other massage devices. A wireless operation is not possible, the scope of delivery cannot score either. For example, there is no belt to fasten the massage device or no carrying bag for comfortable transport.


  • Easy to operate
  • Fast rotating massage knobs
  • Incl. adapter for the car


  • Can only be operated with power supply unit

360° View

The neck massager with the fastest rotating massage buttons.

The shoulder massager can also massage on the back, hips, legs or neck
The shoulder massager can also massage on the back, hips, legs or neck

The Shoulder Massager from Naipo is suitable for use on the back, hips, legs, neck or shoulders. Like the other massage devices tested, this one is also designed in an ergonomic U-shape. While the massage part of the device lies in the neck, two loops hang on the left and right. The arms can be put through these loops when the neck is massaged. The pressure and intensity of the massage can be regulated by the hand loops. The arm straps are about 35 cm long. For some applications this is too short for some people. In order to fasten the massage device more comfortably to the body, a belt or similar band can also be pulled through the loops. Then it is not necessary to hold the massager during the massage. In other products such a fastening strap is already included in the scope of delivery.

The Naipo shoulder massager fits perfectly into the neck
The Naipo shoulder massager fits the neck perfectly.

The breathable mesh allows the massage knots to move flexibly. A cloth is also included in the scope of delivery. This can be placed between the massage device and the body. It should ensure that the device remains cleaner and has to absorb less body perspiration. The PU leather can be easily wiped with the cloth and also cleaned. With the supplied AC and DC adapters you can enjoy the massage at home or in the car. However, the device can only be used if it is connected to the power supply. A wireless battery operation is unfortunately not possible.

The massager can be easily operated during the massage.
The massager can be easily operated during the massage


The keys on the device have the following functions:

1. On/off switch

2. Massage direction (forwards / backwards)

The massage direction can be changed manually, but it also changes direction automatically after a little more than one minute.

3. Heat button (on / off)

Optionally the heating function can be switched on. When the heat function is in operation, the massage rollers light up red. However, the heat function does not make a big difference. If you touch the massage rollers with your hands, you will feel the warmth. In the neck or on the back however nothing or only little of the warmth is to be felt. Only after about a quarter of an hour are the massage knots warmed up to such an extent that the heat can be felt. The advantage of a warming function is that the blood circulation in the massaged area is stimulated.

4. Massage speed (low / medium / high)

During the application the massage can be regulated between 3 intensity levels. In our test we noticed that this device has the fastest massage buttons. The highest level offers the most intensive massage rotation of the massage buttons of the tested devices in our comparison.

The hands must be put through the two loops to hold the massager in place.
The hands must be put through the two loops to hold the massager in place.

When used, the massage device emits a permanent humming sound. You can hear that the device is in operation. However, the noise is not disturbing. In our test we measured a volume of 57 dB directly on the device. Compared to other massage devices, this device is in the middle range. In contrast to other neck massage devices, this neck massage device does not switch off automatically after 15 minutes, but only after 20 minutes.

We have evaluated a good 900 reviews on the Internet. In summary, it can be said that around 80 percent of buyers are satisfied (4 stars) or even very satisfied (5 stars). Partially (2 stars) or completely dissatisfied are a good 10 percent of the users. The average score at the time of the evaluation was 4.3 out of 5 stars.

Summary: 80% positive and 10% negative ratings

The following points were positively noted:

  • Suitable for a wide range of body regions
  • Warming function can be easily regulated

The following points were noted negatively:

  • Some devices are relatively quickly broken
  • Loud
Manufacturer Naipo
EAN 0608807072581
Height 15 cm
Width 115 cm
Depth 19 cm
Weight 1,42 kg
Scope of delivery Neck massager, sweat cloth, power supply unit, car power supply unit
Quality of instructions Sufficient
Manual language EN, DE, ES, FR, IT
Power supply Outlet
Length of the power cable 1,80 m
Power 21 W
Volume 57 dB
Automatic switch-off After 20 minutes
Change of rotation yes
heating function yes
Intensity levels 3 (low / medium / high)
Massage programs -
Type of massage Shiatsu Massage
Massage rolls 8
Vibration Massage -
Upper material PU leather
retaining strap -
Quality impression good
Packaging good
Additional warranty -
Massage functions

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How loud is the massager?
The massage device is not very loud, only a slight humming can be heard permanently.
How good is it to be massaged on the sofa?
This should work without any problems. Depending on your body weight, you might want to put a pillow under it.
Would the neck massager disturb colleagues in the office due to the volume?
The device is unlikely to interfere as there is hardly any noise from it.


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