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Neck Massager

Do you also suffer from neck or shoulder tension? This can happen quickly, especially if you sit for long periods and are sitting compressed in front of the PC. But stress can also be the trigger for hardening in these regions. In order to prevent long-term pain, you should act as quickly as possible.

We have tested 5 different neck and shoulder massagers for you and will show you which model is best for you.

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last modified: 04.11.2019, 11:25
Our winner: Vital Maxx Shoulder massager Triducna Wireless Massager Review NEXFIT Shiatsu Massager Review Naipo Shoulder Massager Review

Vital Maxx Shoulder massager

Triducna Wireless Massager

NEXFIT Shiatsu Massager

Naipo Shoulder Massager

Test seal: Vital Maxx Shoulder massager, Rating 1.4
Test seal: Triducna Wireless Massager, Rating 1.7
Test seal: NEXFIT Shiatsu Massager, Rating 2.3
Test seal: Naipo Shoulder Massager, Rating 2.6
  • Battery operation possible
  • With retaining belt
  • Long holding loops
  • With vibration function
  • Incl. carrier bag
  • Incl. nice leather bag
  • Battery operation with very long battery life and mains operation possible
  • Very intensive massage
  • Long power supply unit
  • Incl. carrying bag
  • Incl. adapter for the car
  • Easy to operate
  • Fast rotating massage knobs
  • Incl. adapter for the car
  • No operation during charging possible
  • comparatively noisy
  • Can only be operated with power supply unit
  • Can only be operated with power supply unit

Wireless device incl. practical carrying strap, which allows a hands-free massage.

Wireless operation with automatic program possible.

Cable operated neck massager with standard massage functions.

The neck massager with the fastest rotating massage buttons.

Volume 61 dB 56 dB 56 dB 57 dB
Power supply Mains and battery (over 2 hours running time) Mains and battery (approx. 30 minutes running time) Mains Outlet
Massage functions
Length of the power cable 1,45 m 1,5 m 3 m 1,80 m
Power 5 W (on charge) 29 W 18 W 21 W
Automatic switch-off After 15 minutes or when the battery is empty After 15 minutes or when the battery is empty After 15 minutes After 20 minutes
Upper material PU Leather PU Leather PU Leather PU leather
Type of massage Shiatsu Massage Shiatsu Massage Shiatsu Massage Shiatsu Massage
Intensity levels 3 (low / medium / high) 3 (low / medium / high) 3 (low / medium / high) 3 (low / medium / high)
Massage programs - 1 - -
Massage rolls 8 pieces 8 rolls 8 pieces 8
heating function yes yes yes yes
Change of rotation yes yes yes yes
Vibration Massage yes - - -
retaining strap yes - - -
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*All prices include VAT (if applicable, extra charge for delivery. Check the particular online shop to find information about the availability. Changes of indicated prices since the last update remain reserved.

Tested products

1st place: Vital Maxx Shoulder massager

Test seal: Vital Maxx Shoulder massager, Rating excellent

With the shoulder massager from Vital Maxx the built-in battery is the greatest advantage. With comparable devices, the massage device can only be used near the power socket with the mains adapter. The Vital Maxx device can be used flexibly throughout the home and it is not necessary to stay close to the power socket. Please note that the battery only lasts about 30 minutes. However, a neck massage should generally not last longer than 15 minutes. In addition to the battery, the practical carrying strap is worth mentioning. This means that the neck massage device does not have to be held permanently by the loops, but can be used hands-free on the neck and back. The biggest disadvantage is the humming sound of the massage device. This is somewhat louder than with comparable devices and has disturbed the test.

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Triducna Wireless Massager - thumbnail Test seal: Triducna Wireless Massager, Rating good

2nd place: Triducna Wireless Massager

You should buy the wireless neck massager from Triducna if you want to be as flexible as possible at your massage location and time. Because with the Triduncna device you are definitely there. A central reason is the built-in battery, which makes it possible to enjoy a massage even without a power connection. The battery life is usually over 120 minutes, which is a very good value. The second reason is the very useful carrying bag, with which the massage device can be easily stowed away and transported without any problems. The carrying bag is also practical for storage at home, because when the massager is inside the carrying bag, it takes up a lot of space. We liked the massage best with this neck massager. It is very intensive, but still very pleasant. Another positive feature is the automatic change of speed. So the massage is more varied.

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NEXFIT Shiatsu Massager - thumbnail Test seal: NEXFIT Shiatsu Massager, Rating good

3rd place: NEXFIT Shiatsu Massager

The Shiatsu neck massager from NEXFIT could only convince to a limited extent in the test. The massage functions are the same as those of the other neck massagers tested: The intensity can be regulated between three levels, a heat function can be switched on and off and the direction of rotation of the massage buttons can be determined. Unfortunately you have to do without a built-in rechargeable battery, so that you always have to let yourself be massaged near a power outlet.

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Naipo Shoulder Massager - thumbnail Test seal: Naipo Shoulder Massager, Rating satisfactory

4th place: Naipo Shoulder Massager

The Shoulder Massager from Naipo offers the most intensive massage in our test. The reason for this is the very fast rotating massage knots of this device, which rotate much faster than comparable devices. In further points the device cannot stand out from other massage devices. A wireless operation is not possible, the scope of delivery cannot score either. For example, there is no belt to fasten the massage device or no carrying bag for comfortable transport.

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Vital Maxx - Shoulder massager

Winner: read review

Every second adult suffers from neck pain at least once in his life. The cause of this pain is usually work on the PC and office work. Because he stays in one position for several hours, not only his neck but also his shoulders become tense.
Those affected should consult a doctor to rule out a serious disease of the spine. Physiotherapists and masseurs can often relieve the unpleasant neck pain. Neck massage devices are a supportive option, which can also help to improve simple tensions.
With a neck massage device, those affected can relax comfortably at home and save money in the long run, as going to the physiotherapist is not always necessary.
With a neck massage device not only tensions in the neck area, but also in the shoulder area can be treated efficiently.

Gerade im Büro leiden viele Menschen unter Nackenschmerzen.
Especially in the office many people suffer from neck pain. (C) fizkes adobe stock

This is an electrical device that massages individual parts of the neck and shoulder area. This can relieve hardening of the musculature as well as tension. This is a partial body massage. The neck massage device loosens the entire tissue and stimulates blood circulation.
Neck massage devices are primarily used for preventive treatment. If the pain is chronic or symptomatic, it is advisable to consult a doctor. The doctor will first find out the cause of the neck pain and initiate further forms of treatment.

Neck massage devices not only have a pain-relieving effect, they are also an excellent wellness device for relaxing. Regular massages of the neck and shoulder area with the neck massage device can not only prevent chronic pain and strong muscle tension, they are ideal to recover from stressful everyday life.

How does a neck massage device work?
The devices specially developed for the neck region work with different methods depending on the model. In some models, tension and hardening of the muscles are treated with vibrations, while others radiate heat. There are also neck massage devices on the market that use tapping techniques or rotating balls.

The choice of different models is enormous, but neck massagers can be divided into two categories. Depending on the type of construction, some models are used while lying down, while others are designed for massage while sitting or lying down.

Massage devices that are only suitable for use in a seated position can be recognised by their characteristic U-shape. They are placed around the neck to act on the individual areas of the neck and shoulders. The treatment of the neck and shoulder area is carried out either by applying pressure, rotation of balls, heat, infrared and various massage techniques such as Shiatsu.
Meanwhile there are also massage cushions, which are equipped with loops. These are placed around a chair. Users lean with their body against the massage cushion to have the respective zone massaged.
Neck massage cushions are also available for lying use. The advantage is that these cushions are often also suitable for other body regions.

Different variants of massage devices for the neck and shoulder area:

The market for neck massagers is booming and therefore it is not surprising that these devices are available in different versions. Enclosed you will find a list of the different models, their working principles as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

Neck massage pillow

This version can be used both lying down and sitting Neck massage cushions are either ergonomically shaped or have a cushion shape. The so-called U-neck can be placed comfortably around the neck like a scarf. The functions vary from model to model. Some neck massage cushions are equipped with a vibration function, while others serve as neck heating cushions. There are also models on the market which are equipped with integrated massage rollers. Neck cushions take up very little space, are easy to stow away and the purchase costs are low.


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Partly equipped with heating function
  • Partially equipped with vibration function
  • Possible equipment with massage rollers
  • Low cost
  • Space saving


  • Functions depend from model to model
  • Often rather coarse massage due to large rolls
  • Less targeted massage

Hand massagers

Hand massage devices are an alternative to the massage devices specially developed for the neck and shoulder area. They are not only suitable for the neck and shoulder area, they can also be used for other tense parts of the body. Depending on the supplier, hand massagers are supplied with different attachments. These attachments offer the advantage that they can be used for different body areas. However, it should be remembered that only small body regions can be massaged at the same time. The small and compact hand massagers can be stowed away to save space.


  • Can be used for the entire body
  • Different attachments for different body areas
  • Small and compact


  • Must be held by hand
  • Only small body regions

Neck massagers with heat function

Neck massage devices which work with heat are characterised by an enormous relaxation effect. Thanks to the pleasant temperature, slight tensions and muscle hardening can be relieved. Many models are equipped with a control element that allows the heat supply to be switched on and off as required. In particularly innovative neck massagers with heat function, the temperature can be regulated as required. The supplied warmth triggers a pleasant feeling of relaxation and promotes blood circulation in the neck and neck area.
Thanks to the added heat, the massage effect is maximised. The combination of massage and heat has a particularly positive effect on hardened muscles and, according to the test results, neck massage devices with a warming function are particularly efficient because they also relieve pain.


  • Excellent relaxation effect
  • Additional heat treatment
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Has an analgesic effect


  • Risk of burns if no overheating protection is provided

Massage devices with infrared function

Massage devices, which not only loosen the muscles through massage techniques, but are also equipped with an integrated infrared function, cause a pleasant feeling of relaxation during the massage. In contrast to neck massagers with heat function, models with infrared heat can specifically stimulate the lower areas of the skin. In addition, the deep muscles are stimulated. This not only improves blood circulation, but also improves wound healing.
Who attaches great importance to a massage in combination with an effective heat treatment, should reach for a massage device with infrared.


  • Pleasant relaxation
  • Effective loosening of the musculature
  • Heat penetrates into the lower layers of the skin
  • Stimulation of the deep muscles
  • Improvement of blood circulation
  • Improvement of wound healing
  • Promotes wound healing


  • Risk of burns if no overheating protection is provided
  • High noise emission during application
  • Partly cost-intensive acquisition

Shiatsu neck massagers are becoming increasingly popular.
Shiatsu neck massagers are becoming more and more popular.

Shiatsu neck massagers

Shiatsu is a Japanese variant of body therapy that is closely related to traditional Chinese medicine.
Shiatsu massage by a masseur influences the energy flow of the body. The mode of action of the Shiatsu neck pillow is based on this principle. Rotating balls, which are integrated in the neck cushion, imitate the finger pressure of the masseur. To the left and right of the neck there is a massage head on which two to four rollers are distributed. Depending on the model, these neck massagers are equipped with four to eight rollers. The more rollers imitate the natural pressure movements, the larger the body region which is massaged. The rotating rollers always run in opposite directions. This means that both rotate either to the right or to the left.
Due to the rotating movements of the balls, the fasciae can be efficiently loosened.
It is important that the distance between the rollers is generously dimensioned or individually adjustable so that the rollers do not rotate on the vertebrae but only on the muscles.
Anyone who has ever had a classical massage and was enthusiastic about it can use a neck massage device with Shiatsu function.


  • Gentle massage technique
  • Often additional functions such as infrared and heat
  • Partially large-area massage
  • Fascia bonding is loosened


  • Rotating rollers can rotate on bone
  • Painful when rollers spin on bones
  • If the distance between the rollers is too small, unpleasant or unhealthy on vertebrae

Neck massagers for tapping massage

This type of massage is less gentle than the Shiatsu massage. The integrated massage heads imitate the tapping movements of the masseur. The tapping massage heads are not equipped with rollers. Tense and hardened muscles are so to speak softly tapped and loosened. Due to the knocking movements the blood circulation is stimulated and thus the high tonus of the musculature can be lowered.
In order to test whether a neck massage device for the knocking massage is at all possible, one should be either by a relative or partner with the edges of the hand lightly on the neck musculature knock let. Under no circumstances should these tapping movements hit the bones or vertebrae.
If these tapping movements are perceived as pleasant, this type of neck massage device is generally suitable.


  • Promoting blood circulation
  • Musculature is softly tapped and relaxed
  • Extremely efficient at certain points
  • Promotes coughing up


  • Mostly high noise level
  • No juicy massage technique
  • Unsuitable or needs getting used to for persons with strong pain sensation

Neck massagers with vibration function

With these neck massage devices current impulses produce vibrations, which spread wave-like on the body. These vibrations loosen the tense or hardened muscles. For beginners, the vibrations may initially feel a little unusual. After a short period of getting used to the treatment, a pleasant feeling appears during the treatment. The vibrations not only stimulate the muscles, but also the tissue. Blood circulation is also stimulated.
Neck massagers with vibration function often work with infrared or heat to maximize the effect.


  • Stimulates the muscles
  • Stimulates the tissue
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Infrared or heat supports the massage effect
  • Particularly fine impulses


  • familiarization phase
  • Slightly higher noise emission

The selection of different neck massage devices is broad and meanwhile numerous manufacturers have specialized in devices for at home and on the way. Due to the enormous offer the choice is not easy. A help for the purchase decision current neck massage devices offer tests and comparison tables, in which the most important functions are clearly listed. In addition, these tests provide information about the advantages, disadvantages and special features of the individual test candidates. Using the comparison table, the individual models can be compared quickly and easily.

Relaxation and wellness:

Those who attach great importance to relaxation and wellness should choose a different model than a person who suffers from persistent tension. Devices with a high relaxation and wellness factor are characterised by a gentle massage combined with warmth.


You can choose between neck massage devices that are powered by electricity, rechargeable batteries or batteries. Who wants to have the Massage exclusively at home or in the office, can choose a neck massager powered by electricity. However, if you want to use the neck massage cushion on the road, in the car or when travelling, we recommend a product with rechargeable battery or battery operation.

Devices with a mains adapter should have a long connection cable, as the neck massage does not always take place next to a socket.
Neck massagers with rechargeable or battery operation should have a certain operating time. Only a powerful rechargeable battery will prevent the power from decreasing towards the end of the massage program. When choosing the battery, it is important to note that it is both powerful and quickly rechargeable.
Information on this can be found in current tests.

Number of programs:

To customise the massage according to your needs, it is advisable to use devices with several programmes. Some neck pillows offer only a few different programs, while users can choose between many different modes for innovative products. Most neck massagers offer two or three programmes, while a few offer up to six different massage programmes. Current tests and comparison tables provide information on the number of programmes of all test candidates.

The upper material of the neck massager should be equipped with a skin-friendly and low-maintenance material.
The upper material of the neck massager should be equipped with a skin-friendly and low-maintenance material.

Upper material:

The upper material of the neck massager is an essential purchase criterion. Buyers should choose a model that is equipped with a skin-friendly and easy-care material. Recommended are materials that feel soft on the skin and do not irritate it. In addition, the upper material should be easy to clean to ensure a high standard of hygiene. This is especially advantageous when the neck massager is used by several people. According to the test, only a few upper materials are suitable for the washing machine.
Many covers, especially those of the straps, can only be wiped with a damp cloth.


If you are interested in a Shiatsu neck massage device, you should inform yourself about the number of integrated rollers. Some models have only four castors, while others have eight. The more rollers are integrated, the larger the area that is loosened and relaxed during the massage at the same time.

Distance between rollers:

The distance should not be too small or individually adjustable so that the vertebrae are not damaged by the rollers.

The intensity can usually be adjusted directly on the massage device.
The intensity can usually be regulated directly on the massager.

Regulation of intensity:

The intensity should be adjustable for a needs-based massage. With innovative devices, users can choose between several intensity levels. The best models of current tests are characterized on average by three different levels.


Some models offer an additional vibration mode, which loosens the muscles and promotes blood circulation. Information about which neck massagers offer a vibration mode can be found in the comparison tables of current tests.


The performance of the massager should be high. Models in which the massage heads rotate only weakly or devices that can generate only a small amount of heat are not recommended, as the treatment effect is not as high.


High-quality workmanship is essential. The neck massager should never have a sharp-edged cover or unpleasant seams.

Noise development:

In order for users to be able to really relax and let themselves fall, the massage device should have only a low noise emission. In the meantime, some suppliers have specialised in electric massage devices for domestic use, which have a quiet motor. Buyers can see which models work quietly during operation from the comparison table of the current test.
Rest during the massage is important for relaxing not only the muscles but also the mind.
The rotating massage balls should have a monotonous and quiet rhythm.
While Shiatsu rollers rotate relatively quiet, the noise emission from neck massagers for tapping massage is rather high. If you want to watch TV or listen to music during the massage, you should refrain from using a knock neck massage device.


Innovative models offer the possibility of switching on additional heat. The combination of massage and heat maximises the beneficial and muscle-relaxing effect. It is important to ensure that the neck massage device does not overheat when the heat is switched on. Since not everyone has the same sensation of warmth, it is advisable to switch on the heat in different stages.


Some neck massage devices are equipped with the additional infrared function. Infrared penetrates into the deeper skin layers and loosens the muscles better. If the infrared setting is set, the massage device should not heat up too much.

Overheating controller:

Models with additional heat or infrared should be equipped with an overheating protection which prevents the device from overheating and burning the skin.

Change direction of rotation:

An essential purchase criterion is the function of the automatic or manual change of direction. On innovative models, the direction of rotation can be changed either automatically or manually.

Remote control:

A remote control provides maximum comfort. This allows various massage functions to be set without the user having to move his or her neck.

Control panel:

The control panel should be clearly laid out and the operation should be intuitive. Keys that are too high minimise operating comfort considerably.

Ease of operation:

The ease of use during neck massage depends on the position of the buttons. The ease of use is maximised when the buttons are fixed to a loop. The reason for this is that the head must be moved if the keys are too high.

Application comfort:

Since the massage device not only loosens the muscles, but also relaxes, comfort should be high. The most important criteria include materials that gently cling to the skin, no pressing or scratching seams as well as a good fit and easy operation.
The user should be able to take a comfortable position during the massage. If the massage device has to be held with the hands during the treatment, the application comfort is drastically minimized.
Neck massagers without straps must be attached to loops with the hands.

All-round or back strap:

These straps have the advantage that users do not have to hold the massager during the massage. The arms can dangle comfortably and relaxed during the treatment.
However, it should be noted that not all straps maximise comfort. Back straps that are attached to the loops of the device can sometimes press the neck massage device too tightly against the neck. This makes the massage too intense and painful. It is important to make sure that the back strap is long enough.

Models with adjustable straps can be individually adapted to the user.



In the meantime, neck massage devices with an ergonomic U-shape are available on the market. These devices offer a high wearing comfort.

Autostop function:

Innovative devices offer the autostop function. This offers the advantage that the neck massage device switches itself off automatically after the program has ended. This not only saves energy but also prevents the device from overheating.


The product weight varies from model to model. Since the massager rests on the neck, a massager with a low dead weight is recommended.

Car adapter:

Some manufacturers include an adapter for the car so that the neck massager can also provide relaxation while driving.

More neck covers:

Additional covers included in the delivery price are particularly practical. Information about which manufacturers supply extra covers can be found in current tests of neck massage devices.


Those who don't want to dig too deep into their pockets will find models that massage the neck for as little as 50 euros. It is to be considered however that neck massage devices of the middle to upper price range do not only show a usually better quality and processing, but are equipped also with additional functions.
In addition to a combinable warmth and adjustable belts also an overheating protection, several intensity levels and programs count to this as well as an extensive accessory.

The causes for neck pain are broad and therefore a medical clarification is recommended.

Cervical syndrome:

The medical term for neck-shoulder-arm syndrome is cervical syndrome. This is an often occurring manifestation of neck pain. The symptoms can not only occur easily, but can also grow into serious illnesses. In most cases, body regions such as the cervical spine, the shoulders, the chest and the base of the back are affected.
The local musculature is overloaded and the reaction is an emission of pain.

Poor posture:

Another common cause is a bad posture, which leads to problems in the neck and shoulder area. The soft tissue is usually affected.
Computer work, sitting for hours and hours in an office position, making long phone calls with the mobile phone pinched between the ear and shoulders or playing computer games usually lead to incorrect posture.


An unpleasant side effect of aging is the wear and tear of the cervical spine and muscles. The cervical vertebrae are often affected by this process of wear and tear and thus blockages occur which cause pain.


Neck pain can be caused by direct inflammation.


In some cases, pain in the neck and shoulder area can indicate a tumour.

Rheumatic and neurological diseases:

Other causes of neck and shoulder pain may be rheumatic or neurological diseases. These include, for example, nerve paralysis.

Accidents and injuries:

After accidents or injuries such as whiplash injuries, neck pain is not uncommon.

Women suffer more often from neck pain than men:

According to statistics, women suffer more from neck pain than men. Pain up to the shoulder area is not uncommon, and complete neck stiffness is also more common in women. Many women suffer from a persistently tense feeling in the neck and shoulder region.

Cervical brachial syndrome:

If the neck and shoulder area is particularly sensitized or a sensory disorder occurs, medicine speaks of cervico-brachial syndrome.

Cervicocephal syndrome:

In this syndrome, neck pain is accompanied by ringing in the ears and severe headaches.

Psychological stress and depression:

People who are exposed to severe psychological stress or who suffer from severe depression often report neck pain, dizziness and impaired vision. Neck massage devices can help to relax the tense muscles in the neck and shoulder area and relieve pain.

The market for neck massage devices is booming and meanwhile numerous suppliers have specialized in the electrical devices for this partial body massage.
Studies prove the positive effects of neck massage devices, which can loosen tense muscles at the home or anywhere else. Besides these devices serve the better blood circulation and pain in the neck and shoulder range can be relieved. Treatment with the neck massage device promotes relaxation and well-being.
Since some neck massagers work with heat or infrared, the tissue can also be loosened. Adhesions of the fasciae can be loosened.
Neck massagers for tapping massage can also facilitate coughing up.
Regular massages can prevent new hardening of the muscles and delay the age-related wear of muscles and tissue.

Shiatsu Massagen
Shiatsu Massagen (c) micromonkey adobe stock

Shiatsu is a body therapy from Japan, which is based on the finger pressure of the masseur.
With this body therapy not only the energy in the body is positively influenced, also disturbances are dissolved. The masseur tries to restore the energetic connection.
The primary aim of this form of massage is relaxation. This is the reason why Shiatsu is frequently offered in the wellness industry. In addition Shiatsu also serves the health precaution, since disturbances are eliminated and thus physical and mental problems are prevented. The original massage is, according to tradition, performed on a mat. The masseur uses not only the fingers, elbows and palms of the hand, but also the knees to exert pressure. Shiatsu massage involves circular movements and stretching.
Shiatsu neck massagers imitate these rhythmic movements by applying pressure and rotating the massage heads.
As with numerous traditional forms of massage, which originate in the East, the unity of soul, body and spirit is also fundamental in the Shiatsu massage. Whoever undergoes a Shiatsu massage cleanses his body, mind and soul.

Of course, massage by a masseur is an efficient way of loosening the tense muscles in the neck and shoulder area and relieving pain.
Neck pain can also be effectively treated with acupuncture.
Alternatives to neck massage devices are hand massage devices, heating pads as well as massage devices for different body areas. Different body regions can be massaged with a hand massager. In contrast to the neck massage device, the hand massage device does not rest on the body. It must be held either with one hand or with both hands. However, it is important to remember that the muscles must be tightened in order to hold the hand massager. Thus the relaxation effect is less than that of a neck massager.
There are also massage mats on the market that do not optimally reach the neck region.

No, the usability is not unrestricted. Children and adults suffering from mental or physical restrictions should refrain from using an electric neck massage device.
The knock neck massage device is not suitable for pregnant women.
Persons with pacemakers, artificial joints or electrical implants should discuss the application with their attending physician.
The neck massage device should not be used for circulatory disorders and open wounds in the neck and shoulder area.


Overuse of muscles, posture problems, stress and other factors can be causing neck pain. Neck massagers have been developed for self-massage in the home or on the road. They not only relax tense muscles, but also help to relax after a stressful day. There is a large selection of different models and in order to find the individual neck massage device, interested parties should take a look at current tests. Those who carefully read through the listed purchase criteria and observe them will certainly find the right device for their individual needs!

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