Udo Walz by Beurer B15 50 Straightener

Test 06/2019

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Test seal: Udo Walz by Beurer B15 50 Straightener, Rating 8.2

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All rating criteria details:

Handling 20%
Speed 20%
Result 20%
Performance 20%
Safety 10%
Workmanship 10%
Tested by: Jana


Product tester


The Straightening iron by Udo Walz by beurer can be heated up quickly and is very easy to use. However, it has no display and the operating instructions are only available in German. Compared to other straightening irons, it has few additional functions. Due to the rounded surfaces, good waves can also be styled. Suitable for thin to medium thick hair. Price/performance ratio: Top.


  • Cable with swivel joint
  • Panel lock
  • Automatic switch-off function
  • Fast heating up


  • Very short manual instruction
  • When unpacking partially scratched surface to be recognized
  • No display

360° View

Fast heating and easy handling. Perfect for thin to medium hair.

The product

The Straightening Iron by Udo Walz by beurer comes in an appropriate packaging. The straightener has the typical simple design and is supplied in black. When unpacking, however, it was noticed that the surface of the straightener showed slight scratches.

There is no display. The temperature is adjusted by means of a temperature control (small wheel). This smoothing iron also has a useful plate lock and a cable with a swivel joint. It turns off automatically after 60 minutes.

Udo Walz Smoothing Iron
Udo Walz Smoothing Straightener


The device is switched on with the on/off switch. Then the operating light starts flashing. It takes approx. 30 seconds for the unit to be ready for operation at the lowest temperature level. As soon as the desired temperature level has been reached, the operating mode flashes continuously red.

The temperature levels for this device are between 140 °C and 230 °C. The temperature range for this device is between 140 °C and 230 °C.

We used this straightener on thick, wavy hair. After a quick warm-up time at a temperature level of 230 °C, individual strands were smoothed. Result: The strands became very smooth and supple after only a few times. The device is easy to guide and very handy. There was no hair loss, as the individual hairs did not settle in the plates. But the fact that this device is very simply equipped in terms of its functions, the result is still impressive. In addition to smoothing, good waves can also be achieved.


This product may also only be cleaned with a damp cloth. Clean the plates carefully, as otherwise scratches can quickly occur.

We have evaluated approx. 150 reviews on the Internet. In summary, it can be said that about 80 percent of buyers are satisfied (4 stars) or even very satisfied (5 stars). Partially (2 stars) or completely dissatisfied are approx. 10 percent of the users. The average score at the time of the evaluation was 4.3 out of 5 stars.

In summary: 80% positive and 10% negative ratings

The following points were positively noted:

  • Also smoothes frizzy and curly hair very well
  • Device heats up quickly, but does not become too hot
  • Perfect straight hair immediately after first use
  • Great design

The following points were noted on the negative side:

  • Product does not last long
Manufacturer Udo Walz
EAN 4211125113216
Highest temperature 230 Grad C
Heating time ca. 35 sec
Cool down time ca. 20 minutes
Temperature regulation 140 Grad C - 230 Grad C
Technology Active plates technology: Plates adapt to the strand shape for maximum contact and sliding ability
Height ca. 3,5 cm
Width ca. 3,5 cm
Additional warranty Two years
Scope of delivery Hair Straightener
Weight 361 g
Depth ca. 26 cm
Quality impression good
Manual language DE
Quality of instructions satisfactory
Packaging good
Stand-by power consumption 0.5 W
Power in Watt 45 W
Cleaning by hand yes
Material nano-ceramic
plates width 2,5 cm
plates length 9,5 cm
Length of cable ca. 190 cm

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Can I use the straightener for hair slightly shorter than shoulder height?
Yeah, that's not a problem.
How wide are the plates?
2.5 cm wide and 9 cm long.
How long is the unit?
The straightening iron is 30 cm long.
Will the iron also get hot at the top?
It only gets hot where the heating elements are.


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