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Test 06/2019

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Test seal: Fitbit Versa, Rating 8.3

last modified: 10.10.2019, 9:41

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All rating criteria details:

Fitness functions 30%
Handling 20%
Design 15%
Related App 15%
Accuracy of measurement 10%
Synchronization 10%
Tested by: Xenia



The Fitbit-Versa offers at least theoretically many possibilities.

The clock is equipped with a memory capacity of 2.5 GB. This can be used for music and the numerous apps, which should make everyday life and training easier. The waterproof watch can play music via Bluetooth headphones without having the smartphone with you. In addition, thanks to the Fitbit-Pay function, cashless payment is to be made possible. Unfortunately, banks in Germany do not yet support this system. The Versa does not have an integrated GPS, which is why the smartphone must be taken along. The fitness watch measures many values such as calories, steps, sleep duration and quality, heart rate and much more. You can also receive notifications from your smartphone directly on your watch. Unfortunately, there are often problems with synchronisation, which can seriously affect data and music transfer and the installation of the apps. The measurement of the values and the pre-installed training apps work perfectly.


  • Many functions and data
  • Numerous data measurements
  • Lots of additional apps available
  • Interchangeable wristbands
  • Very good instructions
  • Good smartphone app
  • Over 50 dials
  • Numerous possibilities directly on the watch
  • Practice videos directly on the watch
  • Notifications on the watch


  • Frequent break of synchronization
  • Many functions are hampered by poor synchronization
  • Installation of many apps does not work (yet)
  • Contactless payment is not (yet) possible
  • No own GPS

360° View

Basic functions are flawless. There are some problems with the additional functions.

The Fitbit-Versa offers many possibilities and is a pioneer when it comes to functionality and personalization. At the same time there is a considerable lack of synchronization.


Fitbit-Versa when charging
The watch is clamped into the charger for charging

The Fitbit Versa is delivered in the robust and high-quality packaging typical for Fitbit. It is quick to put into operation thanks to the illustrated instructions. Changing the bracelets, which are supplied in sizes S and L, requires skill and sturdy fingernails. Once the matching bracelet is attached, the watch must be recharged. This is easy with the special charging cable for the Versa, which slides automatically into the battery clip. On the watch's screen it is indicated in different languages that the Fitbit App must be downloaded. It is available free of charge in Playstore/AppStore/ Windowsstore.

The Fitbit app first requires access to some personal data in order to be used correctly. Before purchasing, everyone should be aware that the sharing of data is unavoidable. Otherwise they cannot be processed and therefore no conclusions can be drawn about your health.

This is followed by very good instructions to help you set up your watch. A WLAN network is required to set up the watch. The Fitbit-Versa requires not only a Bluetooth smartphone for full use, but also a laptop/computer with the Fitbit desktop app. It should also be noted that the charging cable is needed to set up some functions.

After setting up the app and synchronizing it with your watch, you can create it and start using the first features.


The Fitbit-Versa offers many possibilities, which unfortunately are not all fully developed.

Steps and distance covered: Tracking the steps works without any problems right away, but when you count them you will notice that there are always a few too many steps. Manual measurement: 2263 steps/ Versa:2630 steps)

When sliding a flipchart stand, the 50 steps were not recorded. However, it was positive to note that no measurement was made even when the dishwasher was emptied.

Motion reminder: With the Versa you have the possibility to set an hourly step target. Your watch always reminds you to move if you have not yet reached your hourly target.

Uplifted floors: Height measurement works perfectly. If you have climbed 5 floors, these are displayed exactly. Floors that I have descended have not been recorded.

Calories burned: For the first two days the Fitbit Versa showed no calorie consumption at all (apart from the calculated basic consumption). For comparison, I always wore my tried and tested Charge 2. Despite extensive exercise and an adjustment of the bracelet, nothing happened with the calories. After an update the Versa started to measure the kcal. The measurement is now reliable.

In addition, the app measures the heart rate, heart rate zones and deduces the active minutes. I personally find the heart rate zones very useful in order not to get into too high of a range during training. After just a few days, Fitbit can give you information about your general cardio fitness and how you compare with others.

Daily goal: With Fitbit Versa you can set a daily goal. No matter if a certain number of steps, burned calories, active minutes, increased floors or a certain distance you have set as your daily goal, your Fitbit vibrates and congratulates you daily on reaching your goal.

sleep phases in the Fitbitapp
The app helps you to analyze your sleep and provides helpful tips

Sleep phases: The Fitbit-Versa also records your sleep. This happens automatically. In the test my sleep was measured reliably. The Versa also knows how to distinguish a relaxed film evening on the sofa from sleep and also to become short wakeful phases. It then tells you your sleep phases and helps you to gain new insights and optimize your sleep. You can also set a sleep reminder to get to bed on time and a silent alarm clock to get you out of sleep by vibrating.

Training: The watch also supports you in training through exercises or the coach. With the Fitbit Coach the instructed exercises appear directly on your watch. Through feedback, the watch adapts the training to your abilities. With the help of exercises you can switch between different types of training. For the cycling, hiking and running exercises, you can activate the GPS connection on your smartphone to measure the distance. The Versa itself doesn't have a GPS connection, so you need to have your phone with you.

Guided meditation: With the Versa, you can also incorporate short relaxation exercises into your everyday life. The device uses these changes in heart rate and recommends a personalized breathing pattern. In addition, there is direct feedback on the degree of relaxation and execution on the watch.

Notifications: basically a very good function. The desired app notifications can be activated in the Fitbit app and can then be read directly on the watch. No matter if SMS, Whatsapp, Outlook, Gmail, calendar notifications etc., the messages appear afterwards on the watch. In addition, you can reply directly with the clock. Some pre-written messages are already installed so called Quick Replies, which you can customize. The messages can be deleted directly or viewed again later. Since the synchronization does not run smoothly, the messages are also rarely transmitted.

Important: With Fitbit Versa you have to choose one app per category. This means that you will not receive any SMS messages on your watch if you have already chosen Whatsapp in the "Text messages" category.

The following categories are distinguished:
Text messages, calendar apps, emails, phone apps (calls)

Payments: In Germany there is a lack of partner banks so far.

Music: "With the Musikapp you can leave your smartphone at home and listen to music via the Versa with Bluetooth headphones," says the Fitbitapp. The music must be downloaded to the clock via the desktop app (on the laptop). The laptop and the clock must be connected to the WLAN. Unfortunately, the clock has difficulties connecting to the WLAN. Possibly it is also due to an error in the connection between the computer and the clock. Finally, the transmission of the music worked. Bluetooth headphones can be used to listen to the music. Some songs were difficult to transfer because of short interruptions. (The headphones have been tested with the smartphone and are working fine.) The music can be conveniently operated on the clock.

Memory: The Fitbit-Versa has a memory capacity of 2.5 GB. This can be used for music or apps.

Additional apps: In addition, many more apps can be installed on the clock. Small memory enhancing games, news (headlines), spotify, slower eating app and many more possibilities are offered. However, errors occur and most apps cannot be installed or can only be installed later.

Available apps for the Versa
For the Fitbit Versa numerous apps are offered. Unfortunately I couldn't use most of them


When it comes to handling, the manufacturers of the Versa put a lot of effort into it, but there are still some shortcomings. After a few days I tried out the whole spectrum of possibilities and got along well with the watch in everyday life as well as during training. The transmission of the music (also Deezer) turns out to be relatively difficult, laborious and in need of improvement. You should be a little affine when it comes to technique in order to be able to use it. Sometimes it's the smartphone and sometimes the WLAN to which no connection can be established. Then the Versa has to be connected to the battery to install Deezer. In between entering codes, confirming privacy statements and finally the transfer fails because of the connection.

The bad synchronization is really annoying, because I can't rely on the transmission of the messages and also the installation of apps and settings takes a lot of time and patience.

Possibilities on the Versa

The watch itself is very easy to operate. Everything works quickly and intuitively. On the Versa you can read most of the data and some statistics directly and adjust them. The following data can be taken directly from the clock:

  • Steps (this hour, today and this week), distance covered, floors climbed
  • Burned calories, active minutes/days, heart rate and ranges
  • Sleep duration (today/week)
  • Calorie and water intake (if tracked on the smartphone)
  • Battery: We have tested the Versa's battery. With a permanent connection via Bluetooth, a full charge lasts a little more than 4 days. This depends on usage and other factors. A full charge takes about 2 hours and is done with the USB charging clip.

Screenshot of the Fitbitapp
The app is clearly arranged and pleasantly designed

The Fitbitapp: The app is very easy to use, intuitive and clear. The food database for tracking calories is expandable.


The synchronization takes half a minute and sometimes it takes minutes or longer until the synchronization takes place. Despite the Keep-Alive widget, which is used to make permanent notifications possible, I often don't get any notifications on the Versa. From time to time the synchronization is not possible even after several attempts. Turning Bluetooth on and off, as recommended by Fitbit, doesn't help either. The message transmission with the Versa is not very reliable.


The Fitbit-Versa is kept relatively small for the possibilities that the watch (without the smartphone) offers and kept in a classic unisex design. The workmanship is of high quality.

The bracelets are offered by fitbit in 5 different variants. (Other manufacturers offer even more variants.)

Zifferblattvarianten der Versa
For the Fitbit Versa there are over 50 dial variants.

The dials can be loaded onto the Versa in many different ways. More than 50 possibilities are offered. My personal favorite: the dials with the virtual pets (similar to a Tamagotchi). They are fed when you have taken enough steps and get tired when you sleep too little. A great motivation idea.

But: Here, too, there are difficulties with the installation. After several days the dial with the virtual pet could no longer be loaded. Other dials don't work at all. The classic Fitbit dials work perfectly.


The manufacturers made a lot of effort with the instructions. The instructions are very simple and understandable.

We have evaluated about 750 reviews on the Internet. In summary, it can be said that about 60 percent of buyers are satisfied (4 stars) or even very satisfied (5 stars). Partially (2 stars) or completely dissatisfied are almost 30 percent of the users. The average score at the time of the evaluation was 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Summary: 60% positive and 30% negative ratings

The following points were often positively noted:

  • Many settings can be made on the clock itself.
  • Light, small, comfortable, robust, scratch-resistant, beautiful design
  • Self-explanatory and intuitive
  • Good battery life
  • Many functions and good visualization of the data

The following points were often negatively noted:

  • Poor or deteriorating battery life over time
  • GPS connection breaks off
  • Inaccurate step measurement
  • Bluetooth connection problems
  • Numerous software problems
Manufacturer Fitbit
EAN 0816137029049
Width 4 cm
Height 21 cm
Depth 2 cm
Weight 39 g
Scope of delivery Fitbit Versa, 2 Bracelets (S/L), charger, instruction
Quality impression Good
Additional warranty 2 years
Quality of instructions Very good
Manual language FR, IT, DE, ES and 4 others
Packaging Very good
Call and SMS notifications
Motion Recollections
Display Touchdisplay, coloured, 3,5 cm diameter
Music apps Deezer, Personal music, Spotify (also without smartphone)
Contactless payment
Compatibility iOS, Windows, Android
Integrated GPS No
Communication News: Messenger/SMS/Whatsapp; e-mails: Outlook/Gmail; numerous app notifications
Calorie Counter
Continuous heart rate measurement
Sleep phases
Silent alarm/alarm clock
Daily goals Steps, distance, calories, active minutes or the number of increased floors
Battery life Approx. 4 days
Fitness functions
Related App
Accuracy of measurement

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Does the clock always have to be connected to the smartphone for tracking?
No, the clock can be synchronized later. The data is stored for several days.
Can I control the music played on the smartphone with the watch?
Yes, the player is displayed on the watch as on the phone. Spotify, Deezer, Pandora can also be used.
Does the bracelet come in different sizes?
The bracelet comes in two sizes.
Are there different dials to change?
Yes, there are over 50 designs.
Is a GPS recording without the Smarthphone ?
No, unfortunately only via the GPS of the smartphone.


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