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Braun Silk-épil 9

Time consuming shaving is so yesterday! The perfect solution to have smooth legs for several weeks is epilation. With an epilator you can protect your skin and your purse in the long run. We have tested the 3 epilators. Our test winner is the Braun Silk-épil 9: The device grips the hair precisely and quickly, is easy to clean and ensures silky smooth skin. Our favourite with a test score of 9,6/10!

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last modified: 21.04.2020, 15:06
Best price winner
Our winner: Braun Silk-épil 9 Panasonic Epilator ES-DEL8A Review Philips Epilator Satinelle Prestige Review

Braun Silk-épil 9

Panasonic Epilator ES-DEL8A

Philips Epilator Satinelle Prestige

Test seal: Braun Silk-épil 9, Rating 1.3
Test seal: Panasonic Epilator ES-DEL8A, Rating 2.1
Test seal: Philips Epilator Satinelle Prestige, Rating 2.8
  • Various attachments
  • Grips the hair precisely and quickly
  • Easy cleaning
  • Good LED lamp
  • Extra wide epilating surface
  • With 2 epilating rolls
  • Good supplies
  • Various attachments
  • Good battery performance


  • Mediocre epilation result
  • Hardly any power
  • Poor epilator performance
  • Difficult cleaning

Very good epilator with various accessories.

Good accessories with mediocre results.

Multifunctional device with little power and poor epilation performance.

Epilation Result
Battery Performance
Attachments Shaving head, peeling brushes, massage attachment, trimmer attachment, attachment for facial epilation Epilating attachment for legs and arms, epilating attachment for armpits and bikini line, shaving head, long hair cutter, pedicure attachment, comb attachment Epilating attachment, shaving head, comb for shaving head, body massage, peeling brush, massage attachment, facial attachment, attachment for sensitive skin regions, skin tightening attachment
Epilator head 33 mm 35 mm 32 mm
Suitable for Legs, face, bikini line, armpits Legs, bikini line, armpits, arms Legs, bikini line, armpits, face
Battery life 40 min 30-35 min 40 min
Charging time 1 hour 1 hour 1,5 hours
Weight 195 g 170 g 167 g
Speed levels 2 3 2
Volume 1 metre distance 66 dB max. level (2) 67 dB max. level (3) 67 dB
Wet shave
Dry shave
LED light
Scope of delivery Basic device, deep massage attachment, peeling brush, gentle peeling brush, 2 hygiene caps, shaving head, trimmer attachment, high frequency massage attachment, attachment for optimal skin contact, attachment for facial epilation, storage bag, charging station, special cable, cleaning brush, instructions Basic device, epilator attachment for legs/arms, Skin Protector attachment, epilator attachment for underarms/bikini zone, shaving head, long hair cutter, comb attachment, pedicure attachment, storage bag, special cable, cleaning brush, instructions Basic device, epilator attachment, massage attachment, facial attachment, attachment for sensitive skin, skin punishment attachment, shaving head, comb for shaving head, connection unit, body massage head, body peeling brush and protective attachment, storage bag, special cable, cleaning brush, manual
Quality impression Very good Good Good
Packaging Good Good Good
Additional warranty 2 years 2 years 2 years
Width 6,5 cm 6,8 cm 6 cm
Height 13,5 cm 16 cm 15,5 cm
Depth 4 cm 4,5 cm 4 cm
Quality of instructions Very good Good Good
Manual language DE, EN, FR, ES, PT, IT, NL, DK, NO, SV, FI, PL, CZ, SL, SK, HU, HR, TR, RO, EL, BG, RU, UK, AR DE, ES, FR, IT, DU, ES, DA, PT, NO, SW, FI, PL, CZ, SK, HU, RO, TK DE, EN, FR, IT
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Tested products

1st place: Braun Silk-épil 9

Test seal: Braun Silk-épil 9, Rating excellent

The Braun Silk-épil 9 performs very well when epilating and also scores with the accessories. Also the battery performance, cleaning and especially the LED lamp are convincing in the test.

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Panasonic Epilator ES-DEL8A - thumbnail Test seal: Panasonic Epilator ES-DEL8A, Rating good

2nd place: Panasonic Epilator ES-DEL8A

The Epilator by Panasonic achieves a mediocre result despite a double epilation roller and a wide epilation surface. Nevertheless, both the handling and the battery leave nothing to be desired. The accessories include a pedicure attachment that does a good job.

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Philips Epilator Satinelle Prestige - thumbnail Test seal: Philips Epilator Satinelle Prestige, Rating satisfactory

3rd place: Philips Epilator Satinelle Prestige

The Epilierer von Philips has comparatively low power and performs badly during epilation. The accessories and the battery performance, however, are satisfactory.

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Braun - Silk-épil 9

Winner: read review

Pain is probably the most feared aspect that holds back most of this hair removal method, but also skin irritation and ingrown hair can be the result. Here we have collected some tips and experiences that will make epilation easier for you:

Before epilation

  • Peel the skin area: this has a positive effect on the final result and prevents ingrown hair
  • Afterwards dry the skin well
  • Do not apply creams before epilation! - the skin must be completely dry
  • Epilating in the evening - so the skin can recover overnight
  • Epilators with a LED lamp help to recognize the hair better (especially recommended for blonde/bright hair)

During epilation

  • Important to know: the pain is strongest during the first epilation
  • After a shower or a bath. Then the hair is still soft from the warm water and can be removed more easily
  • Longer hair also means more pain
  • Wet epilation is less painful (only with waterproof epilators)
  • Guide the epilator very slowly over the part of the body to be epilated
  • Tighten the skin
  • The first time you epilate, try the face/armpit attachment to minimize pain


  • Epilation is more painful than on the legs, but less painful than in the genital area
  • The same preparations as for the legs can be made here

Genital area

  • The treatment is much more painful here because the hair is stronger, closer together and more deeply anchored, and there are more nerve ends
  • Clean and degrease the skin well
  • Put a cooling bag aside even before you start, which can alleviate any pain that may occur afterwards
  • Stretch the area of skin that is to be treated with two fingers
  • It helps against ingrown hair to clean the treated areas with a gentle peeling glove every few days

After epilation

  • Cream the legs with a soothing cream
  • For less pain - epilate every two weeks, because not too much hair has grown back then

Test procedure

In the run-up of the test we have defined the following test criteria:

  • Epilation result
  • Handling
  • Cleaning
  • Accessory
  • Battery performance

In order to be able to evaluate these criteria, we have defined several tests for the epilators. First, the scope of delivery and functionality are checked. In a first test run, the devices are used at the lowest level.

The volume is measured from a distance of one meter. The other stages are then tested. Handling and user-friendliness are always evaluated.

The devices are kept under water to test whether they are easy to operate even when they are wet. Before a further run is started, the epilators are completely discharged and recharged to check the battery performance. The epilation result is determined by precise hair removal without causing skin irritation.

The three test devices in one picture
The battery performance is an important test criteria that we tested

It is also evaluated how useful the accessory is and how easy it is to attach. Finally, the cleaning effort is evaluated.

In order to rule out mistakes and to ensure the strain of everyday use, each test takes place in several rounds.

The test criteria receive percentages depending on their importance. The final score is then objectively calculated from the test criteria using an algorithm.

Product selection

Our product selection is based on observation of the current market. In addition to popular branded products, we also include insider tips in our selection. Criteria such as price and range of functions are an important factor for us. The test field is also determined by analysis and evaluation of customer reviews and external tests (e.g. Stiftung Warentest).

The devices are purchased anonymously or lent to us by the manufacturer. Dealers and manufacturers have no influence on the tests and our evaluation.

As soon as new relevant products come onto the market, our test field is extended by these. The new products go through the same test as the already tested devices.

In May 2019, epilators were also tested by Stiftung Warentest (a German consumer organisation which compares goods and services of different manufacturers with each other). Two of the five devices tested were rated 4.0 and shared last place with this sufficient result. These are the Silk-épil 5 from Braun and Philips Satinelle Prestige. The remaining three epilators received the overall grade "Good" and are only slightly apart. Braun's Silk-épil 7 and Silk-épil 9 share the test victory with a 1.8. The results consist of five criteria: Hair removal (35%), skin protection (25%), handling (20%), durability (10%) and battery (5%).

For the evaluation, 24 test persons were available, who epilated the left and the right leg with two different devices each. An expert evaluated the hair removal on the leg. In addition, 10 subjects had epilated themselves under the armpits and in the bikini zone, also in the shower. The Silk-épil 7 and 9 were able to score with consistently good results. The Satinelle Prestige, on the other hand, required several passes to remove hair.

Furthermore, all test persons evaluated the skin feeling, redness and minor injuries both during and after the runs. All devices showed good results. The Philips epilator was the best.

The handling was additionally tested by five experts. These evaluated cleaning, storage, loading, changing attachments, operating instructions and handling when epilating. The devices showed good to very good results here as well, the only small drop-out is the satisfactory instruction of the Satinelle Prestige.

In the further process of the test, the epilators were dropped five times from a height of 90 cm onto the tiled floor to check their stability. All devices passed this test without any problems. Afterwards they were immersed several times in 30 and 60 degrees warm water. This showed that the Silk-épil 5 and the Philips epilator were not really waterproof. Which caused the two devices the last place.

Finally, the charging and running time of the batteries, the noise level and the safety of the devices were evaluated. Here, as well, the epilators achieved good to very good intermediate results. However, the third-placed Panasonic ES-DEL8A and the Satinelle Prestige only ran about 70 to 80 minutes on a fully charged battery, significantly less than the competition.

Three of the five epilators also went through our practical test. The Philips Satinelle Prestige took last place because of its poor epilation performance and the lack of power. However, it still achieves a satisfying final score, as among other things the battery performance in our test lasted much longer than indicated. Like our colleagues, we also rated Panasonics ES-DEL8A as " Good". Reason for this: The device has a lot of accessories but the epilation result is only mediocre. Our practical test also showed that Silk-épil 9 was the test winner. Just like our colleagues from Stiftung Warentest, we did not find any serious negative points on this epilator.

If you value smooth skin and are annoyed that you have to shave every day, the epilator is an optimal alternative to the razor. It keeps your skin smooth for several weeks. But what is an epilator, how does it work, what are the advantages of epilation compared to other hair removal methods, and what should be considered when buying an epilator? You will find the answers to these questions in the following guide.

If you shave your legs, armpits, bikini line or other parts of your body regularly, you probably know how time-consuming this can be, especially if your hair is growing back quickly. But there is one good way to benefit from hair and stub-free skin for several weeks: the epilator. The epilator is equipped with small tweezers at the head of the device. These are also able to grasp the tiniest hairs and stubbles. This allows you to pluck the hair directly from the root. Epilating is one of the most popular and particularly effective methods of hair removal, because the hair is removed quickly and thoroughly with the epilator for up to four weeks. In this way you give your skin a silky smoothness and aesthetic appearance. A movable head also has some advantages. This also removes hair from rounded and uneven areas of the body.

Epilator vs. razor
Epilator vs. razor Photo: Adobe Stock
© creativefamily

Fast methods such as shaving only provide short lasting results, so you have to shave every few days to remove the hair. In the long run, this can be annoying, exhausting and time-consuming. Therefore the epilator is a very good alternative to the razor, because you can remove the hair long lasting. The big advantage over other hair removal methods is that the hair including the root is removed. This guarantees several weeks of smoothness. The shaver, on the other hand, only cuts the hair on the surface. The regrowing hairs are finer and the skin is less stubbly.

In contrast to a wet shave, there is no risk of a cut when epilating. The risk of injury is low due to the rotating tweezers when used properly. Thanks to the ergonomic shape of the epilators, which often look similar to women's razors, they lie well and securely in the hand. High-quality devices are equipped with various attachments. The purchase price is slightly higher than for a razor, but there are no follow-up costs for blades or batteries.

The epilator is an electrical device that is similar to a razor but works differently. While the hair is cut or removed on the surface with a razor, tweezers rotate in the epilator. They grasp the hair on the root and remove it with it. Because of this, the hair takes longer to regrow, so you will have a smooth skin surface for several weeks after epilation. The more pairs of tweezers there are on the epilator, the more thorough the procedure will be. With many devices it is 20 to 50. With most devices the epilation is a bit painful in the beginning, but in the long run the procedure is often hardly noticeable. The skin has then become used to the new hair removal method.

You can use an epilator on different parts of your body:

  • Legs
  • Arms
  • Bikini line
  • Armpits
  • Face

Sensitive areas such as the genital area, the armpit region and the face should not be epilated with conventional devices, as these are usually suitable for large areas. Only use epilators that are designed to remove hair from sensitive areas or that have an appropriate attachment. Of course, men can also epilate themselves, even if there are no special epilators for men on the market. The most common masculine body areas are chest, back, stomach, legs, armpits, buttocks and genital area. Many manufacturers choose a neutral design to meet the demands of men.

Number of tweezers

The epilator should have many tweezers, because the fine hairs are removed easier. Up to 50 tweezers can be integrated in the system. The number of tweezers for cheaper entry-level devices is usually only 20.

Clamping force selector

The tweezers of the epilator should be adjustable to different hair thicknesses. Therefore the device should have the function "clamping force selector". This way you can prevent strong hairs from not being caught by the tweezers or only being squeezed.

Speed levels

Many epilators are equipped with two speed levels. This is especially useful for beginners, as it gives them the chance of a slow and gentle hair removal. But sometimes the removal of the hair is not so efficient. Professionals probably only need one step.

Epilation head size

Epilation heads
Epilation heads

You can choose an epilator with a narrow or wide roll. A wide head captures much more hair in one movement, so you can remove it faster. Narrow epilation heads (precision epilators), on the other hand, have the advantage that you can use the device on any part of the body, even those that are difficult to reach, such as intimate areas and armpits. Very wide attachments are suitable for extensive epilation of the legs. Many women suffer from recurring hair on the face, for example on the chin, upper lip or neck. A face epilator is used to remove the stubbles for a few weeks. The particularly slim epilation head ensures optimum precision. Even the shortest hairs are captured with the small openings. With some epilators it is possible to use an additional shaving attachment or to remove the hair in the bikini zone with an attachment.

Epilator with massage function

For devices with a pleasant massage function, the skin is gently pre-massaged so that it is optimally prepared for plucking. The procedure is particularly effective with a hair length of two to five millimetres as the upper limit. If they are slightly longer, you should first shorten them to the desired length with a trimmer. The trimmer is already included with many epilators. Longer hair means more pain when epilating.

Wet or dry device

There are wet and dry epilators or combination models that you can use both in dry mode and in the shower. Epilating in the shower has many advantages, because warm water has a calming and relaxing effect on the skin and the pores open. The warmth improves blood circulation and makes the skin less sensitive. This allows you to epilate much more painlessly. In the water, the hair will also stand up which makes it easier for the epilator to grasp it. You can also use shaving foam. But for use in the shower or bath, the epilator must be waterproof and have a rechargeable battery. A wired epilator is only suitable for dry epilation. Dry epilators, on the other hand, are not allowed to contact water.


An integrated, economical LED lamp is very practical because it lights up the work surface. It's very annoying if you notice after epilation that you've overlooked some areas.

Epilator during application
Epilator during application

Before epilation, you should apply a peeling, because you avoid ingrown hair. High-quality appliances come with various attachments, most of them including a peeling attachment. It provides a very good feeling on the skin and prepares it optimally for epilation. In addition, the dead skin flakes are removed. However, a normal peeling is also sufficient. The use of a massage attachment before the application is also helpful to improve blood circulation.

The epilator should be placed at an angle of 90 degrees and moved over the skin without great pressure. At some parts of the body it is advisable to tighten the skin so the hair can stand up and the device can glide easily over it. If you epilate against hair growth, it will be more efficient. Don't go too fast, otherwise the hair can tear off instead of being pulled out.

Apply a soothing and moisturising cream after epilation to prevent skin irritation. Skin care products with chamomile extract, aloe vera or argan oil fulfil this purpose. You can use them after every epilation. It can also be helpful to cool the skin afterwards, for example with a cold pack or a camillette bag that has been stored in the refrigerator and at the same time has an anti-inflammatory effect. Do not wear tight clothing after the treatment. The rubbing causes skin irritations. The skin recovers very well, especially at night.

If you no longer feel like shaving various parts of your body several times a week or even daily, consider buying an epilator. The hair is removed at the root and not just shortened, as shavers do. This results a long-lasting smooth skin. For this purpose, the epilator has numerous tweezers on the fast-rotating roller that pull out the hair.

The more tweezers there are on the device, the faster and more efficient the epilation will be. The hairs grow back slowly. The wider the epilation head, the higher the number of tweezers, so more hair can be plucked out per operation.

The epilators in the lowest price category are only designed for certain parts of the body. In the case of higher-priced devices, different attachments are usually required in order to be able to epilate different parts of the body. Many high-quality epilators are also equipped with massage heads. They massage the skin while plucking out and make the procedure less painful.

Most people find wet epilation much more pleasant. Epilators with a Wet & Dry function are waterproof and can therefore also be used under water in battery mode. In the beginning, epilations are necessary every two weeks, but the hair grows slower and slower with regular treatment.

How do we test at askgeorge.com?

Live and authentic: We get the devices into our Hamburg test laboratory. Here we take a close look at everything.

Each test is preceded by an extensive search:

  • Which suppliers are on the market?
  • What current products are there?
  • What are the comparison criteria?
  • What tests are we going to run?
  • What is the test procedure?

When everything's settled, we'll bring the devices to us. For each product the test procedure, the measured values and product properties are documented in detail. We create photos and videos. We evaluate the results for you, summarize everything in a test report and calculate the test grade.

Have fun!

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