Blow dryer review - 05/2019

Dry and brittle hair through too much blow-drying? That is past history now! The new generation of hairdryers with temperature sensors and ion technology ensures that your hair stays healthy and can be styled great. We've put five different models under 100 Euros under the microscope for you. Our test winner is the Philips DryCare Prestige HP8280/00: The device has manually switchable infrared sensors, is of high quality and convinces with some hair-friendly extras. Our favorite with the test grade 9,7!

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Winner Best price winner
Our winner: Philips DryCare Prestige HP8280/00 Grundig HD988 Heat Control Ionic Braun Satin Hair 7 SensoDryer HD 785 Rowenta Expertise Pro AC BaByliss Le Pro Digital 6000E

DryCare Prestige HP8280/00

HD988 Heat Control Ionic

Satin Hair 7 SensoDryer HD 785

Expertise Pro AC

Le Pro Digital 6000E

  • Manually switchable infrared sensor
  • Many setting options
  • Design
  • Ion function
  • Automatic setting with constant temperature
  • Display
  • Versatile adjustment options
  • Many keys
  • Fine filter grid
  • Small size
  • Good heat control
  • Easy to use
  • Strong air speed

  • Long cable
  • Long Cable
  • No diffuser
  • LED temperature display is unclear
  • Weight
  • No sensor to control the temperature
  • Lateral toggle switches
  • Design
  • Heat only roughly adjustable

A very high-quality hairdryer with many hair-protecting extras.

Technically well equipped hairdryer with and easy to use, but the diffuser is missing in the accessories.

A good blow dryer that can adapt his warmth very well to individual needs.

The hairdryer bz Rowenta is a good basic device with lots of power.

Hairdryer with good settings, but with impractical design and handling.

Range of functions
Scope of delivery
Height 31 cm 29 cm 24 cm 28 cm 25 cm
Width 9 cm 8,5 cm 9 cm 9 cm 10 cm
Depth 22 cm 21 cm 21 cm 22 cm 21 cm
Weight 760 g 750 g 750 g 850 g 660 g
Scope of delivery Hairdryer, diffuser, 30x90 mm, centring gland, operation instructin Hairdryer, 30x90 mm centring grand, operation instruction Hairdryer, diffuser, 6x90mm, operation instruction Hairdryer, 4x85 mm centrin gland, 6x85 mm centrin gland, operation instruction Hairdryer, diffuser, 6x90 mm, centring gland, operation instructin
Function Infrared sensor for moisture measurement in the hair (MoistureProtect), ion generation to neutralize static electricity Ion generation for neutralization of static electricity Ion generation for neutralization of static electricity, integrated temperature sensor Ion generation for neutralization of static electricity Ion generation for neutralization of static electricity
Degeneration levels two Five two Two two
Temperature settings three Five five Three two
Turbo function no No no No yes
Cold air function yes Yes yes Yes yes
Heat insulation yes Yes yes Yes yes
Volume 1 metre distance 75 dB 76 dB 73 dB 80 dB 75 dB
Length of the power cable 250 cm 180 cm 165 cm 140 cm 240 cm
Power in Watt 1000 1800 1800 1900 1900
Stand-by power consumption 0 W 0 W 0 W 0 W 0,6 W
Packaging Attractive, illustrated, functionally designed Illustrated, functionally designed Illustrated, functionally designed Appealing, illustrated, functionally designed Illustrated, functionally designed
Manual language EN, DA, DE, EL, ES, FI, FR, ID, IT, NL, NO, PT, SV, TR, MS-MY, ZH-CN DE, EN, TR, ES, FR, HR, PL DE, CH, UK, IE, FR, BE, ES, PT, IT, NL, DK, NO, SE, Fi, PL, CZ, SK, HR, SI, HU, TR, RO, GR, RU, UA, HK, RSA FR, EN, DE, NL, IT, PT, DA, NO, SV, FI, EL, TR, RU, UK, ET, LT, LV, PL, CS, SK, HU, BG, RO, SL, HR, BS, AR, FA F, UK, I, D, NL, E, PT, PL, RU, DK, SV, NO, SU, CZ, TR
Quality of instructions Difficult to read, sufficiently described Illustrated, described in detail Illustrated, described in detail Onlz superfical described, written very comlicated Illustrated, described in detail
Additional warranty Two years Two Years Two years Two years Five years
Test seal: Philips DryCare Prestige HP8280/00, Rating 0.75
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Test seal: Grundig HD988 Heat Control Ionic, Rating 1
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Test seal: Braun Satin Hair 7 SensoDryer HD 785, Rating 1.3
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Test seal: Rowenta Expertise Pro AC, Rating 1.6
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Test seal: BaByliss Le Pro Digital 6000E, Rating 1.8
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DryCare Prestige HP8280/00

Test seal: Philips DryCare Prestige HP8280/00, Rating rating

The hairdryer Philips - DryCare Prestige Hairdryer with MoistureProtect Sensor HP8280/00 is a very well-equipped hairdryer that uses a sensor to determine the hair temperature and thus sets the ideal temperature. You can also adjust the hair dryer manually to suit your needs. The device with its rose-golden details is an eye-catcher and rounds off the picture of a good hairdryer perfectly.

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Philips - DryCare Prestige HP8280/00

Winner: read review
  • The hairdryer should not be held directly against the hair. A small distance between the hair dryer and the hair is better.
  • Too much heat damages the hair, so colder steps are recommended.
  • A diffuser or overhead hairdryer can provide more volume.
  • If you blow-dry your hair cold at the end, the hairstyle will hold even better.

Product selection

Our goal is to find the best hairdryer for everyday use. Such a device should cost a maximum of 100 euros, or even much less.

Especially important for us with a hairdryer is gentle drying. A hairdryer whose functions cannot be varied is not usable. In addition, the volume should be as low as possible in order not to endanger or disturb yourself.

We regularly search the trade for Haidryers that meet our criteria.
The test field is determined by analysis and evaluation of customer reviews and external tests (e.g. Stiftung Warentest). The devices are then purchased anonymously from retailers. After completion of the test, we regularly search the market for new products and carry out supplementary tests.

Test performance

In the run-up to the test, we defined practical requirements and the following test criteria:

  • Handling
  • Volume
  • Functions especially gentle drying
  • Weight

In order to evaluate the individual criteria, we have defined a standard test in each case. For example, an application lasting several days is carried out to test everyday use. This is the best way to assess handling and results.

The volume, for example, is always measured at the same distance of a few centimetres. This corresponds approximately to the distance to the ear.


In our test we had to notice clear differences in quality. The individual Föhn's differed particularly strongly in terms of volume and handling. The drying is good with all devices and also the ion release, which prevents an electrifying of the hair, is built into all devices.

Der Staubfilter lässt sich leicht abnehmen und säubern
The dust filter is easy to take off and to clean

Since the hairdryer is used frequently and is often exposed to a humid and warm environment in the bathroom, you should also clean it regulary. However, before you start cleaning the hairdryer you should make sure that the device is disconnected from the power supply.

Cleaning the surface does not require much effort. You can use wet wipes to clean the exterior of the hairdryer.

If dust has collected on the screen, it is best to clean it with tweezers.

The principle behind blow-drying is very simple, but mistakes can also be made. The combination of heat and wet hair can damage the hair. Therefore, you can use special heat protection products when blow-drying. This ensures that the softened hair surface does not crack and become brittle due to the heat.

You should also make sure that you do not blow-dry your hair every day if possible. Daily blow-drying unnecessarily strains the hair and removes large amounts of moisture. If you have enough time and patience, you should let your hair airdry every now and then.

Last but not least, your own hair is decisive for the right blow-drying technique. Depending on which type of hair you are, you can improve the results with special blow-drying techniques and aids. If you have normal or thick hair, you should use care series for smooth and powerful hair before using the hairdryer. In order to keep your thick hair as dry as possible, you should first blow-dry the hair roots. You can change the blow-dry direction from time to time. To straighten the hair, it is advisable to brush the hair in the direction of growth during the blow-drying process. To give your hair extra shine, you can blow-dry it with cold air.

If, on the other hand, you have curly hair and want to show off its beauty to the fullest, you can also do this using a special technique. It is important that you first treat the still damp hair with curl foam or gel and coarsely comb the hair once. Then use the diffuser attachment that should come with every good hair dryer to dry the hair. In this way you can create particularly strong curls with great bounce.

Even those with thin hair can make the most of their hairstyle with the right care products and the right technique. After you have washed your hair, you should first use a volume foam conditioner or a volume spray before using a hairdryer. Then you can blow dry your hair as usual. It is important that the hair is blow-dried against the direction of growth. This gives the thin hair more volume and makes it look fuller.

If you want to buy a new hairdryer, you should consider some aspects. After all, the individual requirements in particular should be covered. This also means that the model of your choice should, for example, have sufficient power. Otherwise the drying of the hair may take much longer. As a guideline for the performance of your future hair dryer, you should consider at least 1800 watts. This corresponds approximately to the performance of a professional hair dryer. Drying hair is particularly quick with the appropriate models.

Handling also plays a decisive role. Size and weight are decisive for good handling. The latter in particular, however, often causes problems when selecting the ideal hairdryer. On the one hand a good hairdryer should not be too heavy, on the other hand a too low weight indicates inferior components. You should refrain from using devices with a total weight of less than 400 grams. These are usually equipped with short-lived DC motors. High-quality AC motors are somewhat heavier, but their longevity is convincing.

Alle Föhns werden gewogen und geprüft
All blow dryers are weighed and tested.

In addition to the handling, another factor can be important for the purchase of a hairdryer. Nowadays, high-quality models have a large number of extra functions. Whether integrated styling nozzles, ion or ceramic technology - additional functions are available for a wide range of applications. At this point, you have to decide for yourself which functions you need for your everyday needs, or whether additional functions play a subordinate role for you. In any case, extra functions are often reflected in the price.

Tip: Also pay attention to the length of the cable when buying. In many bathrooms, the sockets are not located in the immediate vicinity of the mirror. Therefore, you should make sure that the cable of the new hairdryer is long enough. A cable length of about three meters is considered ideal for a hairdryer.

Although the hairdryer undoubtedly belongs in every household, very few people know how the electronic hair dryer exactly works. Each hairdryer has one thing in common with other models: the construction of all models is based on a fan and several heating wires.

The blower sucks in air from the hairdryer, which is blown out again on the other side. While the air circulates in the hairdryer, the heating wires inside ensure that it heats up. The warm air, which now hits the hair, ensures that the water on the hair evaporates.

An exception to this is the ion technology. Inside the hairdryer, the air is not only heated but also enriched with ions. These ensure that the positive charges in the hair are neutralised. Healthier hair is the result of this special technology.

The history of the hair dryer goes back to the 19th century. In 1890, Alexander Godefroy developed the first version of today's hair dryers in a Paris hairdressing salon. Only ten years later, AEG launched the first electric hair dryer on the market. Today's term hairdryer also originated at this time. In 1908, Sanitas developed a hair dryer with the brand name Foen. In the course of time, the term hairdryer was derived from this and is still used today.

While the first hair dryers were still very bulky and heavy appliances, this changed in the 1950s. For the first time, hairdryers made of plastic and similar in shape to today's models came onto the market. By the way, the specific pistol shape goes back to the French engineer Jean Mantelet. In the following years the hairdryers became smaller, lighter and therefore easier to handle. But even though the appearance has hardly changed in recent years, new models with additional functions are constantly being developed. Modern models often feature ion or tourmaline technologies to ensure strong and healthy hair.

The hairdryer belongs in every household these days. However, there are a few things to consider when buying a hairdryer. The different models have long offered a variety of functions. Therefore, it makes sense to first familiarize yourself with the characteristics of a hairdryer before buying and to make a selection based on this.

Die Taste Sorgt dafür, dass ein Sensor die Haarfeuchtigkeit misst und die Haare schonend trocknet
The button ensures that a sensor measures the hair moisture and gently dries the hair.

  • The hairdryer should have gentle temperature settings
  • A diffuser provides volume and is advantageous in terms of functionality
  • A cold air function must not be missing, because this ensures the perfect finish after the blow-dryer.

How do we test at

Live and authentic: We get the devices into our Hamburg test laboratory. Here we take a close look at everything.

Each test is preceded by an extensive search:

  • Which suppliers are on the market?
  • What current products are there?
  • What are the comparison criteria?
  • What tests are we going to run?
  • What is the test procedure?

When everything's settled, we'll bring the devices to us. For each product the test procedure, the measured values and product properties are documented in detail. We create photos and videos. We evaluate the results for you, summarize everything in a test report and calculate the test grade.

Have fun!

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