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Which depilatory devices are available?

Epilators, shavers, laser hair removal devices, wax, creams - these are the most common ways of hair removal. Epilators and laser hair removal devices were tested. Epilators, wax and laser depilators are designed for longer-lasting hair removal but are sometimes a little painful. Shavers and creams are only used for short-term removal.

Philips Lumea Advanced IPL

Update - The Review of the Lumea Advanced IPL is now online.

Philips Lumea Advanced IPL
Philips Lumea Advanced IPL in use

Silky smooth, permanently hairless legs? Only wishful thinking? Not anymore!

We are testing the Philips Lumea Advanced IPL Hair Removal Device. Does it deliver what it promises and conjures beautiful legs in just a few months or is it not worth the money? Below you will get a small impression of the first two applications.

In the beginning, the device can be a little bit respectable. But the instructions are clear and very informative. It is also directly pointed out that the device has an automatic switch-off as soon as there is any danger to the skin. The Philips Lumea is also easier to use than expected. Simply set the appropriate light intensity level, press the light sensor onto the skin and, while keeping the button pressed, let the device glide slowly over the skin. When the sensor is passed over the leg like this, it may feel warm and pinch in some places, but that's all you have to worry about. As you can see, it's child's play!

Only the handling is a shortcoming. Holding the Philips Lumea for a long time, pressing the skin and then pressing the button at the same time, can quickly lead to fatigue if your arms are untrained! But more than half an hour per leg should not be taken into account.

Nevertheless, a small success can already be seen after the second application. The hair grows back more slowly. Especially with dark hair, you can see this well. The first sessions should take place every 2 weeks, then every 4 weeks and for follow-up treatment every 8 weeks. This means to carry out regularly and wait and see!

First experience report in the video

You can also watch the first experience report here in the video:

Update - Philips Lumea Advanced IPL laser depilation device

After 2 months of testing the Philips Lumea laser depilation device and the experiences gained with it, the update is finally here - because these have changed fundamentally!

As described in the instructions, I have used the device every 2 weeks for 2 months. And the result is impressive! My hair grows back much more slowly and in addition, it is visibly thinned out. At first, I was sceptical whether this method of hair removal really works, but I am enthusiastic. The Philips Lumea depilatory device is super effective and already now, a shave is only necessary after 1/1.5 weeks.

Also, the handling has been optimized. After initial difficulties due to the hair dryer-like shape of the device, this is a big advantage. The use of the device is much easier and your wrist is no longer exposed to any dislocation.

In addition, the skin gets used to the laser rays over time and the resulting pinching subsides. So you can remove all the necessary parts of your body from useless hair without any problems.

A small minus point is the plug opening on the device. The power cord does not have a firm grip and slips out more often during use. This can be annoying and interrupts the process unnecessarily.

The ventilation is also pleasantly quiet. Watching your favourite series or a movie at the same time is no problem.

The test runs for a total of 3 months. The test so far has been carried out over a period of 2 months. I am curious to see how the last month of this test will turn out and how this relatively short time will affect my hair growth. A detailed video of this blog post can be found on our channel and is also linked afterwards. So have a look!

Second experience report in the video

You can also watch the second experience report here in the video:

Alternative depilatory devices

Laser depilatory device

We have another laser depilation device tested here. It is the Braun Silk-expert BD 3005 IPL.


Epilators are another and sometimes cheaper alternative. We have tested it. You can find all results here in the test report.

How does permanent hair removal with an epilator work?

Hair removal with an epilator is very effective. With the help of small tweezers, the hairs are removed together with the root and grow back much more slowly than is the case after shaving. To reduce the pain of epilation and to avoid unwanted side effects such as ingrown hairs, there are a few tricks and tricks. For example, legs should always be epilated after a hot shower, as the hair is particularly soft then. The skin must be completely dry, so the care cream should only be applied afterwards. Otherwise, the epilator would slide off the creamed skin. A thorough peeling in the shower before epilation protects the skin from ingrown hairs. The biggest fear of newcomers is, of course, the pain during epilation. But if you follow all the tips and tricks, you can positively influence the epilation experience. So always remember: the first time you epilate is the most painful. After that, it gets better every time, especially because the hairs grow back thinner and less dense. The area of skin to be epilated should always be well stretched between two fingers. The tension of the skin nerves reduces the sensation of pain.

Our favourite epilator is the Braun - Silk-épil 9 . Thanks to the included deep massage attachment, the skin is massaged directly during epilation. This makes epilation a more pleasant experience. The epilator removes hairs quickly and reliably and the legs become silky smooth. You can find out which epilators did not convince us read more.

Here you can see our epilator video report: