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Who is not familiar with annoying blackheads in the face? But these clearly visible black spots are difficult to cover with make-up. So far, many concerned people tried to remove these impurities by using adhesive tapes, face toner, peelings, various creams and anti-pimple masks, but the impurities came back again.

Recently, the so-called 'pore cleaners' have been on the market. These can be a cheap alternative, which are for use at home as well. We have tested a series of pore cleaners for you and determined the test winner. Have a look at our test reports and decide which cleaner is best for you.

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Winner Winner
Best price winner
Our winner: Bestope Blackhead Tool Kit Our winner: TURATA Blackhead Remover EUNON Blackhead Removal Tool Kit Jaspik Blackhead Remover Vacuum DigHealth Blackhead Remover ProfiCare PC-PR 3025 Pore Cleaner Prorelax Vacuum Facial Cleanser

Blackhead Tool Kit

Blackhead Remover

Blackhead Removal Tool Kit

Blackhead Remover Vacuum

Blackhead Remover

PC-PR 3025 Pore Cleaner

Vacuum Facial Cleanser

  • Strong suction power
  • Many accessories
  • Good handling
  • Stimulates blood circulation
  • Diverse accessories
  • Ergonomic
  • Strong suction
  • Long battery life
  • Waterproof
  • Quiet
  • Easy to use
  • Almost no plastic
  • Beauty lights in 3 different colors
  • Well processed
  • Strong suction power
  • Quiet
  • Extra charging station
  • No plastic
  • Ergonomically shaped
  • Strong suction power
  • Pleasantly quiet
  • Long battery life
  • Easy handling
  • Water resistant
  • Lighting for more precise application
  • Integrated spray function
  • Mobile charging station
  • Manual leaves some questions unanswered
  • Short battery life
  • Similar to the product by Bestope
  • Low-quality workmanship
  • No protective film on work display when delivered

  • Highest level a slightly painful

  • Long charging time for relatively short application time
  • Beauty lights have no use and do not help
  • Pore cleanser not suitable for sensitive skin
  • Instructions only in English
  • Medium cleaning result
  • Short battery life
  • Was delivered uncharged
  • Noise level relatively high
  • When switched off, the battery discharges continuously
  • Relatively high plastic amount
  • High plastic amount
  • Very long charging time
  • Low suction power
  • Few attachments
Quality impression Very good High-quality High-quality High quality High-quality Good Very good
Scope of delivery Electric blackhead remover, USB-cable, comedone compressor, tweezers, 4 probe heads, spare sponge and silicone gel rings, manual Turata blackhead remover, 4 probe heads, USB cable, 5 sponges, 2 silicone rings, manual Electric blackhead remover, 4 probe heads, USB-cable, filter sponges, silicone gel rings, manual Pore cleaner, 4 attachments, 10 replacement filters, 5 sealing rings, 1 USB cable, comedone squeegee, instructions Blackhead vacuum cleaner, 3 attachments, charging station, USB cable, spare sponge, silicone rings, operationmanual Device, 4 attachments, 4 small sealing rings, 4 large sealing rings, 17 filter sponges, adapter, mains cable 1 facial cleaner, 3 treatment heads, 1 mobile charging station with USB-cable, 1 mains adapter, 1 operating manual, pipette
Attachments 4 silicon suction heads 5 beauty heads 4 suction heads 4 attachments 4 suction heads 4 attachments 3 suction heads
Intensity levels 5 suction modes 5 suction modes 3 suction modes 5 6 suction modes 5 suction modes 3 suction modes
Battery life 1,5 hours 4 weeks 2,5 hours permanent operation 90 minutes 2,5 hours 4 weeks 2 hours

Convinces with its suction power and cleaning result, but low battery life.

Good device which fulfills its task. But it bears strong similarities to the product by Bestope.

Fulfills its task very well and convinces with a strong suction power.

The pore cleaner from Jaspik makes a good impression and has a nice design. The suction power is very strong, which has advantages and disadvantages.

Design and handling make a good impression, but the cleaning result is only moderate.

Well processed device which fulfills its task. Only plastic packaging and discharging are annoying.

Very clean design, but unfortunately no convincing cleaning result due to low suction power.

Cleaning result
Suction power
Width 4,5 cm 5 cm 4,5 cm 4 cm 4 cm 4,2 cm 6 cm
Height 16,5 cm 18,5 17 cm 17 cm 18 cm 20 cm 20 cm
Depth 7 cm 5 cm 6,5 cm 4 cm 6,5 cm 6,5 cm 5 cm
Weight 147 g 156 g 179 g 132 g 164 g 137 g 180 g
Charging time 1,5 hours 1,5 hours 1 hour 5 hours 2 hours 1,5 hours 6 hours
LED-Display None None
Stimulates blood circulation
Tightens the skin Slightly
Test seal: Bestope Blackhead Tool Kit, Rating 1.5
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Test seal: TURATA Blackhead Remover, Rating 1.5
read review
Test seal: EUNON Blackhead Removal Tool Kit, Rating 1.7
read review
Test seal: Jaspik Blackhead Remover Vacuum, Rating 1.7
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Test seal: DigHealth Blackhead Remover, Rating 1.8
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Test seal: ProfiCare PC-PR 3025 Pore Cleaner, Rating 2.1
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Test seal: Prorelax Vacuum Facial Cleanser , Rating 2.2
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Blackhead Tool Kit

Test seal: Bestope Blackhead Tool Kit, Rating good

The Bestope - Blackhead Remover with 4 Replaceable Beauty Heads is a great device, which allows an easy operation and nice handling. It convinces as well with its strong suction power, a good cleaning result and many accessories. Additionally, the device stimulates blood circulation of the skin. Negative aspects were the not very detailed instructions, as well as the very short battery life.

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Bestope - Blackhead Tool Kit

Winner: read review
  • For a better result a pre-treatment with a facial steam bath is of great advantage. It opens the pores and facilitates the use of the blackhead remover.
  • In order to avoid bruising or skin irritations,you should not to hold the pore cleanser in one place for longer than 2 seconds during application.
  • At the beginning you should only work with the first stage of the blackhead vacuum cleaner. In this way the skin can get used to the unusual treatment and the user gets a feeling for the effect. Often, the first step is enough to clean the pores of sebum.
  • The easiest application is on tight skin under tension. This is the case in the so-called T-zone (forehead, chin, nose). As sebum deposits are most common in these regions, the effect is correspondingly good.
  • After application, the attachment should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. A cotton swab, which can easily get into the small probes, is best suited for cleaning. Only in this way can the blackhead vacuum cleaner work hygienically and cleanly the next time it is cleaned. In addition, possible inflammations are avoided.
  • The face also deserves to be treated with a moisturizing cream afterwards to recover. An anti-aging cream is recommended as the pores are very absorbent after the treatment.

Blackhead Remover
Standard Blackhead Remover

Anyone who buys a pore cleaner usually wants to remove their blackheads and pimples. Not only the cleaning of the pores can be done with the practical device: also wrinkles can be reduced. Typical pore cleaners usually consist of a handy device that operates either with a rechargeable battery or with general batteries. The technology normally runs wirelessly and thus ensures a comfortable application. Depending on the model, there are numerous accessories. Many pore cleaners also contain a USB cable so that the battery can be charged even more easily.

The pore cleaner uses a suction button that contains various filters, sealing rings and sponges. The replaceable attachments are usually made of soft plastic. Some devices also have special LED indicator lights, which make it even easier to read the battery status. The cleaners are available in different versions and models. However, they all have one thing in common: effective cleansing of the skin!

The pore cleaners are based on the vacuum they create. A special negative pressure ensures that the affected skin area is sucked in and thus transports the dirt and sebum out of the pores. Basically a pore vacuum cleaner resembles a vacuum cleaner, only for the skin. The vacuum required is generated by a closed, hollow space that is used at the tip of the pore cleaner.

If you want to buy a pore cleaner, you should of course pay attention to the quality of the device. A good device should promise a certain longevity and convince with its functionality. Above all, one should look at the different attachments as well as to the operation of the device. Also, the handling should be simple. Is the device powered by batteries or rechargeable batteries? Or does the device have to remain connected to the power supply during use?

The cleaner does not have to be overpriced. Cheap models, however, are very often inferior, which is already apparent after the first application. A good pore cleaner should therefore have a fair price-performance ratio!

Only very few people have naturally beautiful and pure skin. Many women are looking for the ideal care and want to fight against skin impurities such as blackheads, pimples and the like. Pore cleansers can help. With these, any skin problems are a thing of the past. The cleanser works with a vacuum that can remove old skin flakes, excess sebum and comedones. They are simply sucked out by the cleansers. About two treatments a week for about 10 minutes should be sufficient to refine the skin. It takes more than peelings, masks and creams to get clean skin. But how does a pore cleanser work exactly and what should I consider when buying it?

Most people ask themselves which skin problems can be solved with the pore cleaner. Generally, pimples and blackheads can be removed with the cleanser. Also sebum and old skin flakes can be removed effectively through the application. The skin is thoroughly cleansed and appears smoother with regular use.

Many people want clean skin, but are constantly struggling with new pimples and blackheads. Those who suffer from this problem usually have to deal with clogged pores. Facial skin is exposed to numerous environmental influences almost every day. For example, the skin has to cope with car exhaust fumes. Numerous dirt particles can simply stick to the face and clog the pores. But the body itself can also cause soiled pores, because dry skin cells and excessive sebum can simply settle in the pores and clog them. If you do not clean your pores regularly, sooner or later you will be dealing with blackheads and pimples. Therefore, a pore cleanser can - with regular application - provide cleaner skin, which is free of blackheads and pimples.

Use of a pore cleaner

People who use a blackhead remover should focus on the correct application and pay attention to a few points. A very important point, for example, is the preparation of the skin. But also the care afterwards is essential, if you want a better skin appearance. In general, the application can be divided into three different steps:

The Preparation:

Anyone who uses a pore cleaner must be aware that redness may also occur during use. Even if it is usually very weak and disappears quickly again, it is better to use the cleaner in the evening. The skin should be prepared before the application in each case. A steam bath is the ideal choice as it opens the pores and softens the skin. For this, you should simply put some hot water in a bowl. If necessary, the water can also be enriched with essential oils or chamomile extract. Now, you should hold your head over the bath for about 5 minutes and cover yourself with a towel. The steam will now open the skin pores. Of course, you can also use a face steamer for these steps, which is intended exactly for these purposes, or alternatively simply lay a warm, moist towel on your face.

The Application:

After the face has been cleaned and steamed, the pore cleaner can be used. Most models offer a number of different levels. However, high levels should be avoided at the beginning. Each area of skin should never be cleansed for more than 3 seconds. Even problem areas such as inflamed areas should not be treated with the cleaner. Shortly after application you can usually experience a radiant glow.

The Care after Treatment:

Redness that occurs during cleaning is common. It usually disappears after about 20 minutes. It is usually caused by a stronger blood circulation of the skin during cleansing. After cleansing, the face should be treated with rose water as a facial toner so that the cleansed skin can now soothe itself. Of course you can also use a moisturizing mask. At the end of the treatment, the skin should be treated with a hydrating cream.

Some people ask themselves again and again, whether the application can bring also dangers with it. Principally, it can be said that the application is harmless as long as the device is used correctly. It is important not to treat a skin area for too long. In the worst case, this can lead to minor bruising or burst veins. People with sensitive skin should also use lower levels.

If you buy a blackhead remover, you should clean it regularly. But how do you clean the blackhead remover correctly? Most models contain attachments and filters that can always be changed. The different attachments mostly consist of easy-care plastic. For this reason, they are not only particularly gentle on the facial skin, but also very easy to clean.

Additionally, most models also use a sponge or a small piece of felt as a filter. This is located between the device and the attachments. It prevents the intrusion of make-up, sebum and other dirt into the device. Particles are trapped and collected by the filter. In most cases, the felt piece can be replaced easily.

However, the attachments themselves must also be cleaned thoroughly so that the device can continue to perform its services. The device itself should be cleaned regularly, because bacteria can accumulate here as well.

You should also make sure that the pore cleaner is stored correctly. Many models are delivered with a suitable storage container.

Usually this is a simple cloth bag. This bag should protect the device from dirt and dust. Thus, the risk of damage to hard edges is minimized as well. Some models also have a box in which the cleaner can be stored. A closed container is worth storing in any case, as it also offers good protection against possible moisture.

The pore cleaner should always be stored in a secure, dry place.

A few steps should be followed to clean and maintain the pore cleaner:

Step 1:

First, remove the filters and attachments from the device so that they can be thoroughly cleaned.

Step 2:

The device can be carefully wiped with a damp cloth and mild soap. Dust, germs, etc. are removed effectively. The cloth should not be too wet to avoid damaging the instrument. Moreover, corrosive, abrasive and aggressive detergents should be avoided.

Step 3:

The attachments should also be cleaned thoroughly with lukewarm water and a little soap. A cotton swab can also help to get into small gaps. Grease and residues can thus be cleaned very easily. Of course, the attachments can also be disinfected afterwards. After cleaning and disinfection, however, the attachments must be dried completely. After that they can be stored again.

Step 4:

The filters must also be changed or cleaned. This depends entirely on the model. Lukewarm water, mild soap and disinfectant can also be used here. Soap residues should always be rinsed off very carefully. If the filters are to be used again, they must dry before they are put back on the appliance.

Step 5:

When all components are dry again, they can be reattached. The pore cleaner can then be used or stored as usual.

Cleaning should be carried out after each use so that the device can always be kept hygienic!

An alternative to a pore cleaner is the cleansing of the skin in a cosmetic studio. However, this is always associated with higher costs. Of course, the pores can also be cleaned out by a special manual pore cleaner. With this each pore is cleaned individually, which presupposes time and a certain skill. In addition, this usually leads to greater redness and pain.

An alternative is Micro Needling with a Dermaroller or by a treatment in the studio. Dermabrasion can also be seen as an alternative. Here, the uppermost skin layer is removed. This treatment can also be carried out in a studio or at home using home appliances.

What are the different skin types and what are the causes of impure skin?

Every skin is different, just as every person is different. Some skin needs more attention, while other people practically never have to struggle with skin problems. In principle, there are 5 different skin types:

Normal Skin

This skin is neither too dry nor too greasy. Normal skin is considered to be particularly easy to care for and is in balance with itself. This means that moisture content and sebum production are in balance with each other. The skin is rosy and fine-pored. Skin impurities practically do not occur with this skin type.

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is sensitive and prone to red spots. Sensitive skin may also show dry spots and itching. Sunbathing, temperature differences or strong winds do not make this skin feel so good. Certain ingredients in cosmetic products can quickly cause irritation. But not only external factors, but also food intolerance and stress can play a decisive role. Sensitive skin can be a sign of intolerance or allergy and, therefore, only a temporary condition. Sometimes, however, the skin type is also genetically predisposed.

Dry Skin

Dry skin often itches and tightens because it lacks in moisture. In this case, the skin is not only dry, but can also feel rough and flaky. Sometimes it even becomes cracked. In any case, this skin type is more susceptible to early wrinkling on the forehead and around the eyes. If you have dry skin, you usually also have dry hair and wrinkles on your body. In rare cases, this is a skin disease such as neurodermatitis, which should be clarified by the doctor. However, people who have dry skin are less likely to struggle with impurities and enlarged pores. In any case, they need sufficient moisture!

Impure and Oily Skin

If the skin shines strongly and struggles with impurities, it is oily skin. It is caused by excessive sebum production. This leads to permanent stuggles with an oily film that covers the face. The sebum can therefore accumulate very quickly on the surface and clog the sebaceous glands and pores. Impurities and acne can develop. Not only facial skin, but also décolleté as well as back and scalp can be affected. However, oily skin tends to form premature wrinkles very rarely. In most cases, this skin type is genetically inherited, but can also result from an incorrect diet. Oily skin usually also has enlarged pores.

However, skin impurities and acne are not only caused by an incorrect diet and hereditary predisposition, but sometimes also by incorrect cleansing and care methods. It is important to free the skin from old skin flakes and to provide it with sufficient moisture, because oily skin forms an excess of oil, so that it comes back into balance. Ironically, oily skin is actually too dry!

Mixed Skin

People who suffer from dry and greasy areas on the face has mixed skin. The well-known T-zone is the problem zone in which the skin is mostly oily and tends to pimples. Large pores usually appear on the forehead, nose and chin. Around the eyes and on the cheeks, however, the skin tends to be dry. Mixed skin can be genetically conditioned, however, one should also pay attention to a balanced diet with this skin type and drink sufficient liquid. In addition, mixed skin must also be thoroughly cleansed and provided with moisture.


A pore cleaner is suitable for all skin types, but is particularly useful for impure, oily skin. The cleanser frees the skin from old skin cells and sebum and thus provides finer pores and a more beautiful skin appearance. Regular application is of utmost importance. Above all, one should pay attention to a thorough preparation as well as to a gentle after-treatment. If you use the pore cleaner, you can look forward to a fresher, purer and younger looking skin. The suitable cleanser should also be of high quality, convince with its attachments and be able to offer a fair price-performance ratio. Additionally, the device should always be cleaned on a regular basis so that one can always benefit from a hygienic application.

How do we test at

Live and authentic: We get the devices into our Hamburg test laboratory. Here we take a close look at everything.

Each test is preceded by an extensive search:

  • Which suppliers are on the market?
  • What current products are there?
  • What are the comparison criteria?
  • What tests are we going to run?
  • What is the test procedure?

When everything's settled, we'll bring the devices to us. For each product the test procedure, the measured values and product properties are documented in detail. We create photos and videos. We evaluate the results for you, summarize everything in a test report and calculate the test grade.

Have fun!

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What is the best way to disinfect the device?
The device itself can be cleaned with a damp cloth and some soap. The most thorough cleaning is required for attachments and filters. Keep them under lukewarm water and wash them with soap. Then again with disinfectant and a cloth. The best way to reach heavy areas is with a cotton tip. Finally let everything dry well.


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