Remington CI8019 Keratin Protect Auto Curler

Test 09/2019

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Test seal: Remington CI8019 Keratin Protect Auto Curler, Rating 5.7

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All rating criteria details:

Safety 30%
Result 30%
Speed 20%
Ergonomics 20%
Tested by: Jil



The Remington - CI8019 Curler Keratin Protect is not recommendable in terms of price/performance. The curls aren't nice and the time spent on them is too much. In addition, one has the feeling that with every second that the strand lies in the device, the hair breaks more and more.


  • Pro+Setting
  • Enclosed cleaning tool
  • Display


  • Strands must not be larger than 2 cm
  • Very small opening
  • Hair tangles quickly
  • Loud

360° View

Not recommendable. The desired result is not achieved and the price is too high.

The device

The Remington - CI8019 Keratin Protect Curler is delivered in a shiny grey and has rose-golden accents. This curler also resembles a hairdryer. The head of the device contains the heating system and the curl chamber made of ceramic, which is enriched with keratin and almond oil. At the front of the handle, it is possible to adjust the device as desired. There are 4 time-setting options with a beep and 7 temperature settings, this can be done via a small display. In addition, a slider is attached to determine the curl direction and above it is the button for an automatic draw. The curler also has an ON/OFF switch. At the bottom of the handle, the 2.80-meter long power cable is connected. A cleaning tool is supplied for long service life.

The packaging of the product is grey, filled with information in different languages and looks somewhat cheap. This contains the warranty certificate and a user manual. The instruction manual was written in 23 languages.

Included in delivery:

  • Curler
  • Cleaning tool
  • Power cords
  • Instruction manual
  • Guarantee card

The application

To prepare for the use of the Remington - CI8019 Keratin Protect Curler, your hair should be free of burrs, dry and the device should be adjusted according to your wishes. The tester's settings were 210° at a time of 10 seconds.

At the beginning you should connect the curler to the power socket, the heating time is less than 5 minutes. During this time the curler releases a chemical odour which disappears after a short time. The end of the process is indicated by a signal tone.

Your individual strands must not be wider than 2 cm and should be very well separated from the rest of your hair. You should make sure that the bobbin and the side with the button facing towards your head. Then you can place your strand in the intended recess and push the curler to the place where the curl should start. The recess is a bit small, so only 2 cm strands can be used. This makes curling very time-consuming.

When everything is in place, you can press the pull-in button and your hair will be pulled in automatically. You should press until the noise of the coil goes out. After the set time has elapsed, beeps will sound. Then you can simply pull your hair out of the device.

It is important that your strand disappears completely in the indentation. Otherwise, it comes to complications and your hair tangles. When this happens, you have to pull out your hair, this happens under a little pain. Then the display shows Error and you have to press the power button once. After tha,t the device works normally again.

Remington - CI8019 Keratin Protect Curler
Remington Curler


After editing the entire head with the Remington - CI8019 Keratin Protect Curler, the result was not satisfactory. The curls were all defined differently and had to be curled twice and three times to get a nice shape. The curls without hairspray lasted about 3 hours. So they hung out relatively quickly.

We have evaluated 20 reviews on the Internet. In summary, it can be said that about 20 percent of buyers are satisfied (4 stars) or even very satisfied (5 stars). Partially (2 stars) or completely dissatisfied are approx. 65 percent of the users. The average score at the time of the evaluation was 2.4 out of 5 stars.

Summary: 20% positive and 65% negative ratings

The following points were often positively noted:

  • Good processing
  • Beautiful curls

The following points were often negatively noted:

  • You can burn yourself easily
  • Curls don't last long
Manufacturer Remington
EAN 4008496938667
Scope of delivery Curler, cleaning tool, power cord, instruction manual, warranty certificate
Accessories Cleaning tool
Quality impression Good
Processing Stable material
Coating Ceramic coating enriched with keratin and almond oil
Height 27 cm
Width 7 cm
Depth 8.5 cm
Weight 408 g
Length of the power cable 2.80 m
Overheating protection None
Automatic switch-off ✔ after 60 minutes
Automatic insertion
Heating time Not even 5 minutes
Additional warranty 1 year extra warranty with online registration
Packaging Cheap appearance
Quality of instructions Good
Manual language AE, BG, UA, HR, SI, GR, RO, TR, RU, HUN, PL, CZ, SK, P, FIN, S, DK, I, E, F, NL, D, GB

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How long is the power cord?
It is 2,8 m long.


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